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Google Calendar: What It Is and How to Use It

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Out of the monolith we all know as Google, which has swept the world to prominence in just 14 years, has come a large number of important tools that the smartest people have come to rely on. When Harvard students Brin and Page first met, they didn’t like each other much. But they soon recognized the thinking power and common interests that both of them had and soon they collaborated with a ideas on how to bring the world’s information to the fingertips of the masses. Everyone thought that Page was crazy when he announced at the beginning that he wanted to download the entire internet to his computer, but between the two young men they did find a way to do this.

They then took this one step further and studied how all these web sites were connected, and they were the first to see the relevance of the links between web sites. Indeed, they saw each link as a vote of relevance in the other web site, and soon they had developed an algorithm which measured many aspects of every web site in terms of its relevance to search terms that were used. If a web site had few or no links to it, then it was almost certainly not relevant to anyone. Harvard students were the first to make powerful use of the search features of Google search, and word of its ability to find relevant resources quickly spread like a bush fire on a hot windy day.

Soon the corporation was born, and it continued to scale up in size and resources to quickly have the power of hundreds of thousands of personal computers stripped down to the core components all housed in server room cabinets to aggregate the combined computing power. Built at a fraction of the cost of main frame computing options, the google computing network is now the largest computer in the world, surpassing anything that even the USA government has.

Staff were aggressively recruited from other massive technology corporations and the Ivy League schools of the world. They came to Google in droves not just for the stock options, but for the adventure of working in such a forward thinking organization where the emphasis was more on ingenuity and innovation than quick profits. Part of the culture of Google has always been to grant all staff twenty per cent of their p[aid company time to be able to be used on any project they wanted and were interested in. The list of this projects became enormous and so a list of the top one hundred was maintained, and Larry Page the cofounder would prioritize this list with a view to committing whatever resources were necessary to the top twenty projects.

Google Calendar is Far Superior to Outlook’s Scheduler

Google Calendar otherwise known as GCal is one of these projects that have matured from out of the employee’s creative mind. First launched as a beta version in 2006, Google Calendar was fully released in production in 2009 and is used by a very large number of productivity minded people around the world. It is free to use, and is all about getting you organized with your time management by means of this web application.

It has many advantages over the other alternatives like Microsoft’s Outlook scheduler because it is online, and can be accessed from any computer by simply logging into your account. That means that you can update events in your google Calendar at the office or at home, and both will always be up to date. This alone makes it of great value, plus of course it is free to use.

To get started with Google Calendar, you simply need to log in to your Gmail account. If you don’t have one, that’s easy to fix by registering a Gmail account for free.

Your Google Calendar will also integrate perfectly with your other devices like your Blackberry, Palm, iPhone or Android hardware, and so even when you are on the move you can schedule meetings and things that need doing.

Google Calendar fully Integrates with Other Applications

Given that many events will involve meeting with other people, Google Calendar can be set up for you to share it with other users who can at your option be able to read your calendar or update it themselves. It also fully integrates with SMS texting so that alerts of changes and appointment schedules are communicated in a timely manner for all to know what is going on.

Far from being a standalone web application, google have integrated their calendar option with their Gmail email service, iGoogle’s customizable home page every registered user has and Google Desktop.
Google’s computer network, being the largest “cloud” computing network in the world means that they take care of all the data storage and integration issues. The user can have many added options added later without them needing to do anything. In a sense, it is like the main frame computers of 30 years ago were broken down into personal computers and then hundreds of thousands of these personal computers were glued together to rebuilt the power of main frame computing to be even larger and more powerful.

The intense competitiveness of the world caused by the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) is here to stay. All employees have in the past been able to waste much of their paid time and resources; but now the boss needs his pound of flesh. Only the most time managed people can hope to survive and prosper in the new competitiveness of the corporate world, and web applications like Google Calendar are essential to make sure that we are all at our most productive. If you are currently using Outlook, then migrating to the more advanced functions and utility of Google calendar will be easy for you. It’s free, and very easy to use. From the one Gmail account, you have easy access to it and many other great Google applications.