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Tips for Using Google Bookmarks

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Google is a phenomenon that has swept the world over the last 14 years since it was first released to the students of Harvard, and soon after to all the other Ivy League schools in the USA. Quickly rising to the top of the heap as best of breed for providing the most relevant search results, other search engines were found wanting and soon contracted to have the Google search algorithm used in their own platforms. AltaVista which had reigned supreme soon fell into obscurity.

Part of the cultural ethos of the Google corporation was to encourage more of a University campus style brilliance rather than a corporate style of money making effort. This lead to all employees being encouraged to spend twenty percent of their working time on any project they felt a deep commitment to, even if it had nothing to do with Google’s core operations. Its swelling workforce was recruited from the other technology giants like Microsoft as well as from the freshly graduating talent pool of the world’s best Universities.

At any one time, there was at least 100 “other projects” that the staff fostered during their twenty percent personal interest time, and Larry Page, one of the cofounders of google routinely prioritized this list so that the top 20 projects could be assessed to receive significant Google resources. One such project that was born from this era of encouragement was Google Bookmarks.

It is Easy to Setup Your Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks is a free service to anyone with a Google account, which takes no more effort to open than registering a free Gmail email account. By logging into your Gmail account, and by accessing the free Google Toolbar, users are able to save any web site to the Google Bookmarks. Once saved, users can access their bookmarks from any computer in the world, again by logging into their Gmail account.
Google Bookmarks offers the advantage over saving items into the browser of your computer, because they are fully searchable right down to the text on the web pages themselves, not just the title they were saved under. Items saved to your Internet Explorer browser or to Fire Fox cannot be searched beyond the text used in the names to save those pages.

Most people have lost all tracks of their bookmarks several times over the years because they are not easy to save and transfer when you format your computer or otherwise move to a new one. That is, while personal computing has been a great experience for the world, it has the down side that everything is saved locally, and files and information are not easily migrated later or transported for use on many machines. Even those situations where people have a computer at the office and another one at home have faced this frustration.

Google Bookmarks goes a long way to helping people to keep themselves organized on any computer now and into the future. Because Google stores the bookmarks, it requires nothing more than a login to have access to important web pages.

Google Bookmarks has Huge Computing Power

What a lot of people don’t realize, is that google has more computing power than any corporation or Government in the world. What people also don’t realize is that their computing power is built entirely of hundreds of thousands of low cost personal computers. Each computer motherboard and central processor is housed in computer storage racks in specially air conditioned server rooms so that they can run at optimal performance. These server rooms are spread across many diverse localities so that if one burns down, nothing is lost and the collective of server rooms continues as normal. Google designed and programmed customized software to aggregate and harness all of the collective power of these hundreds of thousands of computers. They continue to scale their network in advance of it ever reaching a performance limit, and they have been able to build their network at about ten per cent of the cost of using main frame computing solutions.

This all means that you’ll never lose any of your important information and that you’ll always have very fast access to what you have saved.

Many web sites make it easy for you to save as a favorite your bookmarks. They know that the Google search engine does value highly the number of people who have book marked a site or web page. That is, if 500 people have bookmarked a page, the google search engine sees this as 500 “votes” for the information on that page when it determines the page rank and relevance of that page. In this sense, it is wise for web site owners to make it easy and to encourage you to save their site as a favorite. It gets their web site ranked higher in the search results.

Why is Google Bookmarks Free?

And what is in it for Google given that the service is free? Google is served in many ways, which mostly come down to making their service more “sticky” with you. In the old days, many analysts dismissed search engines as being capable of becoming big businesses because people didn’t need an account with search engines to use them. Added to this is the fact that search engines by their very nature are designed to help people to leave the search engine after they have found the site they are looking for, and so the expert pundits could not see how this could be converted into a money stream. Google proved them all to be wrong, by making billions of dollars from discrete text advertising listings that were relevant to the search inquiry, and users accepted this advertising because the organic results were always seen as pure and not corrupted by paid listings.

With the advent of free services like the Google toolbar, Gmail, and Google Bookmarks, google had also found a way to cause people to open accounts with them, making them sticky in the traditional sense most corporations do.

You should try Google Bookmarks. It is just as easy to use as the function in your web browser, but has many benefits.