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Google Finance – Get real-time stock quote

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One of the major additions to the type and quality of information people are able to get from the internet is financial and stock market information. The reality is that the newspapers had always dominated the delivery of data and information; yet they have always been limited by the delays it takes for this information to reach the reader. Even dedicated financial press have always constrained by this problem; that the news is information that is too old by the time the paper is printed; let alone delivered and read by the reader. And the Internet solves this entire dilemma simply because we are now able to watch the financial news unfold in real time as it occurs. Certainly television with its very limited financial news coverage could have been able to deliver live news feeds; and it has happened on odd occasions when important news announcements are being made. But it is the sheer diversity of the Internet and the limitless number of web sites that can and have grown over the last nearly twenty years that gives us all the ability to tap into that type of financial news that we are most interested in; together with the running commentary of which ever news presenter we trust to make sense of it all for us.

Use Google Finance Allows you to Customize what News and Information you Get

And given that Google prides itself on being that organization which gets us the information to our fingertips faster than any other online tool or service, it comes as no surprise that Google Finance has developed to what it is today. And while Finance is only a small sub set of all types of news information, by itself it covers a vast array of different areas from stock markets to industry specific issues through to political influence on the economy per se. As such, Google Finance is by design fully customizable so that each individual user can personalize their news feeds so as to focus on those areas of newsworthiness that apply most particularly to them. This literally means that after you have logged into Google Finance, which is free to do with your free Gmail account used as login details; you are able to then set up your personalized Google Finance interface to track stocks, shares, options and bonds that you wish to track in terms of news events, SEC filings, and price action movements as they occur. And so millions of people use Google Finance to keep an eye on and track their portfolio of investments so that they can see what is going on at a glance.

Choose Which Part of the World you Want to Know More About

What is particularly interesting is that Google have created a variety of versions of the Google Finance so that you can study the markets from a United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Chinese, United States or Canadian perspective. That is the global financial market is simply too massive to watch and stay up to date with it all. And the reality is that most people invest in and want to know mostly about what is going on in their own backyard so to speak. By selecting the news perspective locality of your choice, all the news items you get to see are generated from local sources to that area. Sadly this comes with the language penalty; that is you cannot look at the financial world from china or Hong Kong with being presented with all the news in Chinese. Hopefully that is only a developmental issue and will be addressed in time. China and Hong Kong are real dynamos in the world of finance, and not being able to access news from those parts of the world in English is a huge drawback.

Filter the Noise with Google Finance

By personalizing your Google Finance interface in no way limits you from also reviewing and keeping up to date with general financial news items that are constantly streaming in from a large array of sources. As said above though, large slabs of very important markets and financial centers are in Chinese, and important European financial centers are not represented at all. That is not to say that you cannot access any news from Europe or China or other important markets. Information and news from these other places does flow through in English; but only in a watered down summary form that English speaking journalists report or that their editors approve for publication. At least however, when you select what new you wish to access, you can nominate anything related to the portfolio of companies you have listed in your account or you can select the market place generally.

Google Finance Integrates Google Trends on Nearly 30 Categories

An interesting tool is Google Trends within Google Finance. This is a graphical representation of Google searches that have been performed across nearly thirty different categories. Ranging from bankruptcy, small business, mortgages or education; Google aggregates all of their search data and creates an ìindexî of how popular the search category is. And that graph overlays actual sales data (if the category involves sales) so that you can see the applicable trends. For example, is bankruptcy an increasing concern in the United States or what has its trend been over the say eight years. You are able to use these search trends to predict community sentiment about the respective category; and you are able to customize the graph to hone in on the time frame you wish to interrogate; as well as drill down into the nature of the search inquiries that have comprised the graphical representation. The google trends is a particularly interesting part of Google Finance to invest some time with to assist you with your investment decisions.

And so Google Finance is an interesting aggregation of data from many sources including ticker information from the Worldís stock exchanges, as well as news information collected from a large array of sources. It is highly customizable with an easy point and click menu system and it can filter out all the noise of what you donít want to read about.