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GoodGuide – Helpful Product Rating Site

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GoodGuide is a unique product rating site that has its core support team made up of science experts – chemists, toxicologists, nutritionists, sociologists, and lifecycle analysis experts. These professionals work to rate a wide range of products and companies on a number of factors including health, environmental and social performance. Each company or product is given a grade that lets you know how safe or not safe they are. GoodGuide operates on a 0 to 10 rating system that was designed in order to help consumers quickly evaluate and compare services, companies, and products before they commit to buying them. Their mission is to help you shop your values wherever you shop. Void products and additives you don’t want and find the ingredients and services that you do want, all on one convenient and easy to use site.

With GoodGuide, You Can:

  • Find companies and products that promote healthy, green, and socially responsible living and that do not engage in questionable practices or have potential harmful ingredients or side effects.
  • Look at reviews and ratings for over 210,000 food, toys, personal care and household products on the easy to use GoodGuide site.
  • Quickly find out important information about a product or company you are interested in or look through a category listing to find the best and worst products in that category.
  • Let the experts do the grunt work of sifting through all the data and enjoy easy to understand reports and highlights of some of your favorite products.
  • Get mobile advice on the go or from the store you are shopping in by downloading the very convenient iPhone app.
  • Create and share personalized favorites lists of products that are right for you and your family and let your friends and family know what the best products are out there.

Getting Signed Up With GoodGuides

It is easy to get started with this site and get access to the wealth of information available there. Register with your name and email and set up an account. You also have the option of registering with one of your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, AOL, and others. If you have questions, experience any problems, or have concerns, you can get in touch with customer support and they will walk you through everything and explain the process to you so you can get the best experience and make the most of the information you get from GoodGuides. There is no fee for membership and you can search and navigate the site for as long as you want and look up as many products as you want.

GoodGuide’s Unique Approach

There are four key approaches that GoodGuide operates on in every report it generates and every report it reviews:

  • Comprehensive: Get the big picture on thousands of the most popular products from cleaning supplies to baby products to food and drinks. Get the big picture about the things you are using in your day to day life that can have an impact on the health of you and your family.
  • Quick, and Easy: Scan barcodes on your mobile device to pull up data, or enter it in and search on the website. Finding information that helps you make an informed decision has never been easier or more convenient.
  • Personalized: Select the issues and points that are most important to you and create your own personal shopping lists for organics, natural, non-animal tests, sugar free, or kid/pet friendly products.
  • Reliable: GoodGuide is always reviewing new reports and updating their reviews and rankings. As companies grown and change, some get better and some get worse, and GoodGuides lets you know before anyone else what to expect when you buy a certain product or brand!

Who is GoodGuide?

GoodGuide is in business with the direct goal of providing reliable and trustworthy information about a wide range of products and companies with the primary focus being on health, safety, and production. Their mission, as stated on their website, is to help consumers make purchasing decisions that reflect their preferences and values. They believe that better information can transform the marketplace and that when consumers have the information to make wise and informed decisions, they can help shape the market by supporting the companies who give them what they are looking for and by putting pressure on those who fall short. To address these needs and the desire for more information, GoodGuide has assembled experts to help gather and organizing the world’s product information in an easy to use format. These experts work to acquire and compile high quality data, which is then used to create the reports and actionable information that consumers us to make informed decisions.

Ratings and Personal Filters

Ratings and personal filters are two different approaches to using the underlying information GoodGuide has compiled about product and company performance:

The site’s ratings are designed so you can quickly and easily compare products on a set rating system for ‘goodness’ and ‘safety.’ The ratings let you know where a product falls on the site’s 0-10 scale and what products to consider and which products to avoid. It will not necessarily say a product is good or bad for you but it will help you know more about the product so you can begin to make a decision. For example, you may find that a shampoo you like may be rated a 7.5 on health but a 4 on environment factors, and this might begin to sway your decision some- which is what the ratings are there to do.

Personalized filters are meant to help those consumers who have strong preferences about the products they want to buy. It allows them to focus in on one particular aspect of the product and ignore the other information and ratings. For example, you may only want to buy cleaning supplies that are all natural. So you can search with that filter in place and see results that are only all natural. Likewise if you want only organic food results you can search with that filter on. The personalized filters let you find tune your search even more.

GoodGuides Final Thoughts

GoodGuide is a unique product rating site that work to rate a wide range of products and companies on a number of factors including health, environmental and social performance. Each company or product is given a grade that lets you know how safe or not safe they are. The information is an invaluable tool for the conscious or concerned shopper and is a tool that will transform how people shop today.