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Golflink – most complete online golf resource available

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Golf is one of the richest and most widely played sports in the United States, which has more than twenty thousand golf courses nationally. Besides being a an outstanding game for almost all ages and both sexes, golf is the perfect way to maintain some level of cardio vascular exercise, because the hours of casual long distance walking does not jolt the body around with high impact, and it is a low stress and not too strenuous way to burn excess calories while having fun. Golf can be as friendly or as competitive as players want, and it also has wonderful social values too because of how the game lends itself to conversation. Perhaps it has the most eccentric fashion code and many levels of membership participation from the exclusive private golf courses to the very busy public ones, golf opens itself to the masses to be enjoyed as to the elite private and most wealthy of participants.

The online web site Golflink is a true example of a portal web site in that it caters for anything and everything to with golf. With fully searchable details about the twenty thousand courses in its database, through to a large number of training videos people can watch to study and improve on their game through to being able to book online when and where you next wish to play, the Golflink web site has everything a golfer could consider as remotely interesting. Just enter the zip code for your area or where you are travelling to to get started, and it will pull up every golf course within striking distance with specific information and pictures about each one listed in the search results. That is, it will tell you what the par for the course is, how long it is and its course rating and slope rating, its exact address and the web site link to it; the tee off times if it is open to the public, details about the club house as well as details of all the reviews that people have left so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it will suit your purposes.

Golflink is About Golf, Golf Holidays and Anything Golfing Related

Many people use Golflink to plan their golfing holidays, and they literally move around the United States from one course to the next, exploring their favorite sport across the vast number of them available. You can print map information so that you can easily get to the course from where you ar. You can just as easily see an aerial view of the course so that you can see the lay of the land and plan how you will play your round before arriving to get started. The Golflink web site has an entire section devoted to golfing holiday destinations and resorts. That is, some people favor going to one destination and playing the course many times, rather than traveling around to many courses over the same period.

The help resources are extensive and they cover every possible golfing problem a player may be wrestling with. Both in article and video form, the list of training resources for golfers of all levels of skill seems almost endless and they are available free of charge. That is, the Golflink web site is funded and sustained by advertising revenues which are all of course golfing related advertisements. Listings and details to golf professionals and coaching clinics are heavily represented too so that people can reach out to and book time with a skilled person for private training.

The Golflink web site has an entire section devoted to golfing holiday destinations and resorts. That is, some people favor going to one destination and playing the course many times, rather than traveling around to many courses over the same period.

By joining the Golflink web site, you can build your own profile and then be able to take full advantage of the site’s extended functions. That is, it basically includes a golfing journal where by you track your golf rounds, recording your scores, the courses you have played at and it even allows you to upload your own videos, run your own blog and it is where you can message and chat with your friends, upload pictures and track changes to your handicap.

Golflink Has it All

The Golflink web site even has a app for your iPhone or smart phone, which you can use as a GPS and tracker, as well as to a progress score card for up to four players. With its built in tracker and GPS function, it is perfect for calculating how many yards away from the flag you are. And as you would expect, it is perfect for when you are driving to a new course, and are not familiar with the smart way to drive there.

Given the tremendous functionality and portal status of Golflink, it is hardly surprising that the web site has negotiated discounted prices on booking at two thousand nine hundred golf courses, claiming up to sixty seven per cent off normal prices.

There are extensive product reviews, not only on the golf clubs but also on all the fashion accessories, bags and buggies and the sundry items and training aids that most golfers tend to invest in over the years of their love of the sport.

The Golflink web site even has a full section on golfing related real estate investment, where the course was built around a sub division of land for the express purpose of selling homes and condominiums to golfing enthusiasts. Golflink is a truly impressive website, totally free to join and a great deal of thought has gone into providing for every golfers total needs. If there is anything related to golf not included with this web site, I cannot imagine what it is. And as long as you have access to the Internet by means of any web enabled device, you’ll be able to access what you want.