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One of the marvelous things about the Internet is its tremendous diversity which can cater for all interests of all people. And if something does not exist to cater for a niche interest, which seems unlikely given there are more ten billion web sites now, then soon someone will put up a web site to cover the subject. Tube web sites, which enable people to up load their own content so that others can enjoy it have been popular for a very long time. YouTube being the market dominator, forty per cent of all Internet traffic is from tube sites. This in a large part because of the popularity of YouTube and the millions of funny videos to be found, and it is also because of the large file size of video type files being downloaded.

Tube sites typically use a very low cost standard web site script which makes it very easy to launch such a site around any theme. When the script is loaded onto the web server, the web site owner simply logs into the control panel with their browser to modify the custom style sheet (CSS) that comes with the script. Changes to the CSS enable the web site owner to add graphics and to change many items about the site’s theme to give it the look and feel they want and to name the site around this theme and domain name. One such web site that has proven quite popular in its niche is GodTubes, and you win no prize for guessing that it is a video storage and download site that its members use to up load their God related videos for others to download.

GodTubes is Entirely Christian Focused

The web site makes it very clear that the focus and outlook is only for Christians. There is no tolerance for other believers in God and other religions are not welcome. The general categories of the videos that members can upload or view are Christian videos, music videos, ministry videos, movies, inspirational videos, comedy, cute videos, Spanish videos and sermon videos. And so it should not surprise anyone that site is richly populated with gospel singers.

Indeed the web site is very political in its promotion of ballots and petitions in support of Christian values; for example petitioning to have the “R” rating of a short video shown in cinemas on the subject of bullying to be changed to a lower censorship category to expand its audience reach to include those teenagers who could be subjected to bullying. While that issue is not limited strictly to it being a Christian issue, it does show how politically motivated the Christian faithful tend to be given that the petition video is very highly rated on the GodTube site.

GodTubes Can Get Very Political in the Comments Area

This also extends to the arguing between Christians on the site with the comments left about videos. One such example is a comedy video called The Redneck Ten Commandments, where some viewers were deeply offended but the video, and the extensive quotes from the bible to refute that efficacy of any humor being made with the Ten Commandments. Whilst the video had only been up online for three months, more than forty eight thousands people have watched it.

It is Easy to Share GodTubes with Your friends

Social networking is a huge part of the Internet these days, and many web sites do try to milk the viral nature of these sites by making it easy for one user to communicate to his friends and contacts that he found something worthy of them to look out and investigate. GodTubes is no exception and they have made convenient all the usual buttons for people to easily use to update their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, De.Licio.Us, Digg, StumbleUpon and Google +1 accounts that they have found a video they have enjoyed or otherwise wish to comment on. The idea behind this is to help viewers to in turn create a viral spreading of videos, which in turn creates ever higher web site traffic numbers; presumably all in the name of spreading the word of God.

Uploading videos to the site is simple to do. Simply register for free as a new user and then click the “upload” button at the top of every page. This will walk you through a very simple instruction menu for uploading your video and for giving it a title and for selecting the appropriate category it is to be uploaded to. All the videos you upload will of course be stored under your account name, and so users who have enjoyed one of your uploaded videos can easily access others tied to your account.

And each uploaded video has “embed” code that you can copy and paste to other web sites. This means that you can up load it to GodTube, and also play it from other web pages, perhaps your own personal blog for example.
The web site is free to use and join. It is funded by advertising support. And all advertisers are Christian religion products and services based. When you start to watch a video, you will have a fifteen second video advertisement that runs first before you can see the one you have chosen to watch. In addition, there are banner adverts on the top of the site and on the right hand side also displayed Christian related products. And with such a heavy saturation of paid for advertising, there is no “church” feeling about the web site. GodTube is most definitely a “for profit making” business from the entire collection of user’s content. Yet while that may be true, it is certainly a Christian audience all gathered online in one place. If you do have video content that is somehow Christian in nature, then GodTubes will be the place to publish it if you are seeking a Christian audience for your funny video or gospel music collection.