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GodTube – You Tube Equivalent for Christians

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In the old days before the advent of the Internet, the old clichÈ was that if you wanted to ìdine with the high classes; then you have to sell to the massesî. But since the Internet and with the advent of broadband internet where people can access much larger content file sizes with no long waits to get it to your computer, the real world has become more of one of satisfying all the niche markets that you can; that it is not necessary or even desirable to design and build a massive market sized internet business to do very well. That by servicing a niche or narrowcast audience, that you will find a deeply entrenched loyalty is quickly built up and that the word can and often will be spread by word of mouth by others who share the interest in that niche.

With widely accessible broadband internet, video web sites have become all the range, and YouTube certainly dominates the market share. In fact because video files are large, YouTube accounts for quite a hefty amount of the total bandwidth used by the billions of Internet users. And with every large category killer like what YouTube have achieved with online video clips that almost anyone can upload and or download and view; there are always the ìme tooî competing businesses that hope for a slice of the market share potential out there. And this is where the niche servicing benefit comes in for the business owner and the viewing public alike. God Tube is one such venture which delivers upon its choice to offer video content for those Christian people who believe in God. And to a large degree, the site succeeds because the viewers are spared any concerns about exposing themselves or their children to inappropriate content all too often found elsewhere on tube sites. Even You Tubes content policies are seen by many Christians as far to risquÈ and inappropriate ñ and lessor sites have effectively no limits on content at all.

Free to Join so that You Can Upload Content to God Tube

To be an anonymous visitor to the God Tube web site is fine an acceptable and you will be able to view all the content without restrictive. Having said that, millions of people (mostly American) have created their own free account so that they can upload video content of their own for others to view and share. And if you opt to sign up for your free account with God Tube, then you will be able to upload your categories under the categories of Christian videos, music videos, ministry videos, or inspirational material, comedy videos, cute ones, sermons as well as videos recorded in Spanish which is a particularly large niche for Christians given that the Spanish speaking people of the world represent the largest number of Christians. And not all of the video content needs to be religious in nature; many of the funny and cute videos to be found in those categories are in fact about children and animals doing funny or cute things; and that the up loader simply wanted to share the video with like minded Christian folk. And so there are categories for educational videos and kids videos as well as trailers made for books that can be purchased. The main point being that the content must be child friendly and family orientated.

Regisitered Members Get Benefits that Can Only Be Offered to Member Accounts

As a registered member, all content that you upload will be credited to your user name, which is very handy for others to see check all the content you have uploaded after they have come to enjoy to the first one of yours that you have found. Similarly, you can create your own play list so that you can revisit and share other peopleís uploaded videos for easy access at a future time. When you upload a video under your account user name, God Tube provides you with a link that you can copy and paste into another web site or blog so that visitors to that site will get the video served to them from the God Tube web site. You can also subscribe to the content of other users, just as others can subscribe to your materials also. And just like You Tube, users can comment on any video at any time; and Christians certainly can be very aggressive with their comments and take a political slant with their views about them. You certainly will see flaming wars develop between users in comments on subjects that have upset them, or other peopleís comments that have up set them. And you can integrate your God Tube account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so as to share information with your contact list of friends or followers. Supplementary to the video services available with God Tube, people can request prayers, join Christian groups and ministries, search for Christian music bands and artists or simply read the bible online.

Advertising Supported, God Tube is a Christian Family Content Web Site

The main point of the God Tube web site is that it is a community based site where Christians can meet and congregate, and share their interests in their God with like minded people. Being free to join, there are no barriers to anyone joining the God Tube web site; providing of course that they do have a computer and internet access. The God Tube web site business is funded entirely from advertising carried on the site, which of course is all entirely Christian faith based too for obvious business reasons. And with over seven million registered users, that is a lot of visitors for Christian faith based businesses to market themselves to. And so these advertisements are can range from Christian books or audio products for people to buy through to Christian dating web sites where single people can search for a potential mate in their regional area.