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One of the great benefits of the Internet is that for the most part it is a very democratic structure where big business cannot always dominate people; rather people chose to go where they wish to spend their time, they can publish their comments about exactly how they feel about an issue there is almost nothing that big business or governments can do to control or censor the will of the people. Whereas government and their Police and armies can inflict bodily harm and physical controls over mass gatherings in real life face to face situations or demonstrations, on the Internet there is the opposite potential, where the masses can crowd swarm an issue and there is nothing that authorities can do to prevent this from happening. As a sign of the times, China’s major political reforms have come about from micro blogging on issues of perceived corruption or scandal and given that there is no way that any authority can prevent it from happening has brought about a tremendous reality of true accountability.

An example of how this real change is bringing about reform in the employment sector, where historically big business has had the upper hand to the detriment of individual workers, Glassdoor has done an outstanding job of providing a venue and forum for people to publish reviews of their experiences with employers, whilst at the same time helping to match employers with potential employees. Recently winning the “Most Democratic Workplace” Award for the fourth consecutive year means that their approach to job and career recruitment and placement must be something to aspire to.

Glassdoor and the Democratic Employment Approach

One of the main aspects to the web site is the ability of employees to leave ratings on the site for their current employer. And this means that some very large businesses are being exposed for their weaknesses, while at the same time given potential employees solid information to guide and assist them in their career paths. And these reviews are worth considering if a person was contemplating becoming an investor in the business.
For example, a senior software engineer recently left a scathing review about Ebay and the wasteful and draconian management style in place. The review was to the effect that Executive management don’t know much about the true core business of Ebay and that millions of dollars and years of software development time are being squandered on wasteful rewriting of code, rather than the development of up to date functionality that will keep Ebay competitive. When knowing that all employees exist on average salaries doing the minimum they can get away with so as to not cause waves, and that innovation is not fostered or encouraged, why would anyone want to work there or invest?

Glassdoor Keeps Employers Accountable and On Guard for what is Acceptable

Employer reviews are presented in a concise and easy to read and digest format style. After a headline banner comment, the employee lists the “pros” point by point, the “cons” point by point, and “Advice to Senior Management” point by point. These reviews can be submitted anonymously or with the registered user name shown. And while it is to be expected there can be occasionally the simple rants of a disgruntled person, in fact the reviews come across very positively for their honesty. Slanderous comment is not allowed, the feedback must be constructive.

One of the other great features of the Glassdoor web site is the sheer breadth of jobs listed. Millions of positions are available across extremely diverse ranges with very detailed information on salaries and benefits being offered. It is tremendously important for people to be able to know their worth in the market place and with the massive number of employers listed and the remuneration packages that they provide makes Glassdoor and wonderful resource for people to use for their research on employers and to enhance their job prospects.

Glassdoor Means People on Both Sides Can See What is Going On

Interview techniques are widely covered on the site so as to assist potential employees to give themselves the best prospects of success at interviews and also with insightful resume support and advice which is also most valuable.

People can search by employer, by job type or industry category, and by geographical area. So, if you need a professional position in for example “mountain view” it is easy to see what positions are currently on offer there. For this information, it is easy to investigate and research those employers listed to decide which ones may be worthy of applying to.

Overall, the site is very busy, but it is busy in a very orderly way with logical section tabs at the top of the page with which to navigate to the area that is wanted. Jobs can be searched easily in keyword sensitive ways, or by position titles, company names. It is a simple matter to search by jobs, company name, salary or interview in the geographic area you are interested in for the job type that suits you. Seek and you shall find. But more than that, the entire web site has a positive feel to it, simply because it has specific information of the type and nature that people truly want and need. Getting a job is one thing. Getting the right job with the right employer company is the imperative. There is no point chasing a position for a draconian employer, wasting precious time getting a position where hard work and skills will not be respected or rewarded. It is far better to dismiss those high risk potential employers so as to focus on the ones worthy of the best people on its team.

The true winning edge that Glassdoor has is its employer review functionality. Always historically it has been the employer which is the one who conducts reviews, and this leads to a top down power approach that does not respect the needs of the people that are what makes a company great or not.