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Find The Perfect Gift By Using

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How many times have you agonized over the best gift item to buy for someone; a friend or loved one? What would the person like? What is that special thing that will be striking and not just another mundane gift that gets forgotten immediately after it is unwrapped? People seem to run out of ideas only when it is time to actually buy the gifts but then ideas is what is all about. When you really wish to get the perfect gift and will not settle for anything less than that, provides you with ideas that are genuine and sure to impress. These are some of the very best of gift ideas that may be found anywhere online as they are actually sourced from various sources all over the internet. is in effect, an online gift-suggestion service that has a mission which it pursues with singularity of purpose and dedication. Its mission is to help you find that perfect gift each time. However, looks beyond the occasional gift and provides for you a treasure trove of the very best inspiration and other tips for living each day with the very best of happiness. neither possesses inventory nor processes sales transactions. Additionally, neither sells nor distribute gift items. has an awesome user base as well as amazing usage statistics that show just how popular the website is and how it is making people happy. Take a look at some of these user statistics:

  • Canada: 8 Million users
  • USA: 60 Million users
  • UK: 1.5 Million
  • Vatican City: 104
  • Tokelau: 5

In addition to these user numbers, has also been able to serve more than 100 million people giving gifts till date. The website boasts of an amazing 285,000,000 page-views annually and in order to achieve its goal of providing the best and nothing but the best gift ideas for you, has to sieve through tens of thousands of gifts annually to find the very best ones for you.

How To Sign Up To Use

Signing up to use as a consumer is a super simple process, devoid of any hassles that may deter some people. All you need to do is land on the website homepage at Look at the top right hand corner of the page and you will find a blue Facebook login button. Clicking on this button will open a small window where you can login to your Facebook account to connect with When you login to your account, you will see a message displayed informing you of your details that will be received by when you connect with its Facebook application and these include; public profile, email address, friend list, friends’ birthdays, interests and likes. You will also be informed that the app will not be able to post on your Facebook wall. Click ‘Okay’ to conform your acceptance.

Using as a merchant however, has a different protocol as it involves the website helping you drive traffic and therefore, make sales for your gift items. The process of registering as a merchant commences with you filling and submitting a Merchant Submission Form with the requisite details after which experts will analyze your website and products and match them to the appropriate category and personality type on the website. Thereafter, recurrent payment depend on your budget and objectives as it is run using a Cost-Per-Click model although there is a $500 minimum deposit/re-deposit fee paid by new merchants.


It is quite amazing, the type of organization that you see on There is a very conscious effort at making the selection of a gift item the pleasurable experience that it should be. One of the most direct ways of searching for a gift on the website is to enter the name of the gift in the search bar located on the top left side of the homepage. You can also browse by category depending on which criteria you prefer. There are men, women, teens, babies and kids gift categories. There are also gifts selections based on occasion including but not limited to wedding, anniversary, baby shower, engagement, housewarming and bridal shower among others. You may also search under category and drill down further after finding the category that matches what you are looking for. Available categories include Home decor, toys and games, gift basket among many others.

If you are having a hard time deciding the perfect gift, has a tool that can help you out. It is known as the Personality Profiler and it allows you to build the person’s personality and by so doing, enable to do what it does best and help you select the perfect gift for the person. It is a very exciting and engaging tool to use and it takes into account various details, right from the person’s gender and age bracket. If however, you would prefer not to bother with the Personality Profile, already has some personality profiles provided and you can skim through and use them as a compass to determine what gift item would suit the person very well.

Benefits of Using offers several exciting benefits to its users as they look to stun gift recipients pleasantly. Some of these benefits include:

  • Simplicity: Using the platform is very easy. Included on the website are functions that are designed to further ease the exercise of finding that perfect gift.
  • Expansive Choice: Having to examine tens of thousands of gift items monthly certainly ensures that you will have diverse choices and a wide variety from which to choose.
  • Passionate Service: When you login to to find a great gift, you immediately get that feel of a service that is built around people who wish to deliver equally passionate service. They simply pass that passion on to you, the user.