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GiftRocket Review

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GiftRocket is an online service that allows you to send a gift online to anyone, or even a business. GiftRocket, combines the consideration of a gift certificate with the flexibility of cash, in fact with GiftRocket an e-card is not mandatory. It will ensure the gift is sent conviniently to the recipient and that the recipients redeem the cash for any other use and not waste the gift card as they would if they didn’t have the specific business around them. GiftRocket is a simple and an effective platform under which sending of online gifts, and cards have been uniquely transformed.

How do I sign up for GiftRocket?

Signing up for GiftRocket is so simple it will blow you away. First you will have to open up the GiftRocket website in your internet browser. The website address for GiftRocket is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press Enter on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once you have done this, you will be able to see at the top right corner a tag labeled “Sign in” click on this sign and will lead you to a “sign in” page. Under this page you will get an option for registration if you do not have an account. Click on the part marked “register” under this page. It will give you a form that you will be required to fill in accordingly. This form requires you to fill out the following. Your full name, your email address, and the password to your email address. When you have filled in all the following requirements, click on the part underneath the form that says “register” when you do this, you will receive an instruction on the next page to check on your email address for a mail that will assist you in activating your account. Therefore look into your inbox for this activation mail. When you have received it, open it and click on the given link to access your GiftRocket account. Doing this will assist you in easily accessing the GiftRocket account that you have created and in the long run will make it easier for you to enjoy the given services that GiftRocket has to offer. 0nce your account has been activated, you can log in through the part marked “sign in” on the menu bar of the GiftRocket website page. This service is exceptional and will allow you to send multiple Gifts to the many people that you intend to.

How it works

First a user who is need of sending a gift card will access the GiftRocket website page and follow their easy directions. When the website opens, the user will begin with a big brown box in the middle, “Send GiftRocket.” Once you click through it will give you an order form that has three specific sections to fill out. The first section is the receiver’s name that you will have to fill in appropriately to avoid any mix up in the sending details. Then the second one is where you are required to fill out the gift amount, this will allow you to fill in the exact amount that the gift card is worth if spent, you can also choose from the already stipulated amounts. Then include a gift message right after the amount. There is even the option of suggesting where they can spend it. Then you will go to the delivery method on which you will choose on how you want the gift card to be delivered to the recipient. Be it through email or through a printable mail. Here you will also be required to include your name and email address as the sender of the gift. Click on the tab marked “Next” once you have done that, you will receive a mail confirming that the gift was sent and so from there you can track it to make sure the gift was well received. The recipient will receive it through mail, and confirm to you. From there, the recipient may select how to receive the gift. However if you chose the printable delivery option, you will have to print out the PDF page fold into a card and then send. Once the recipient gets the card, the URL if fed on the browser and they can easily redeem their gift. Its benefits are many such as the following.

Merits of GiftRocket

With a GiftRocket, you will be able to serve your vast number of customers effectively. GiftRocket will satisfactorily help you in serving your customers with gift cards, by allowing them to receive their gifts in internationally acceptable ways. Firstly, through crediting it into the recipient’s back account, by placing the amount to their credit cards, or by delivering it using a personal check and lastly by the most convenient and fastest way, PayPal. In doing so, GiftRocket will be able to put in check many gift card shortcomings for you such as, the recipient not spending the gift card, having too much amount left on the gift card, or worse still, selling it out for cash way below its worth.

Unlike other online gift sending services, GiftRocket is secure and so you don’t have to worry about lost gifts, it is convenient and timely. Their service fee is small and affordable for any individual or business, its only $2 per gift plus 5% of the amount. For big companies, GiftRocket also offers an opportunity for a bulk amount packages.

So whether you are an individual or a company interested in sending a gift, GiftRocket is the best way to ensure it arrives. GiftRocket has assisted many companies in sending gifts around the world. Today its services are greatly dependable and effective. Using GiftRocket ensures that your gifts are timely and this in every way enhances cordial relationships between businesses, and people that use GiftRocket. In all it leads to an improved profit and adequate spending.