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Get Satisfaction – Customer Engagement Platform

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All businesses have customers, and with the advent of the Internet, the smarter and enlightened business have made what are sometimes subtle changes to the way they do business and how they interact with their customers which have greatly improved the experience for customers. The businesses that fail do fail because they have a product or service in abundance, and then they try to find customers to push it on to. That’s not how successful businesses operate. The correct approach is to find what customers need and want, and then built the product or service offering around those set of needs the customer has. Understanding this difference is what defines success or failure. Products and services that exactly match the client’s needs can be fully priced and sold without effort. Pushing product and service that customers have no exact matching need for must be discounted, and they are always hard to sell and often cannot be sold at all.

The old ways of an employee taking down details of an order lends itself to errors and misunderstandings, such as misspelling of customer information and their address as well as what they have ordered. With the Internet, customers get to fill out their own order form; and it is just not at all likely the customer will ever misspell their name, address or exactly what they want to buy. This simple and subtle reversal of the sales process leads to great efficiency, lower cost and much less wasted time and effort as well as greater customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Get Satisfaction is all about bring the community of customers into a business in ways that engage them fully. The Get Satisfaction platform is all about helping companies to build up stronger relationships, and with the customers getting the benefit of levels of satisfaction at all stages of the process, repeat business is maximized and new prospects find everything more acutely shaped to be exactly what will meet their needs.

Improved and stronger relationships mean a stronger business with the most desired product and service range.
Get Satisfaction now powers sixty five thousand such customer communities with its platform. Get Satisfaction is used by some of the largest brand names in business but it is suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is all about creating social interactions with customers and using this feedback loop mechanism to continually refine the produce and service offering, and how the customer is served. Fully capable of being integrated with Facebook, and all mobile media such as smart phones, iPhones and tablets, it really doesn’t matter where the customer is; Get Satisfaction enables customers to brought into the community of clients for every business.

Get Satisfaction is More Than a CRM System

Whereas as medium size and large businesses are wise to have always used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to grow a collective intelligence about their prospects and customers, Get Satisfaction goes much further than this. With a CRM system, employees are helped to be able to sell better, by being able to record the small details gathered over time. But with Get Satisfaction and its integration with Facebook, and the building of client communities where prospects can engage with each other directly, this brings in the new era of how prospects are able to buy better.

One of the greatest challenges facing online businesses is the “shopping cart abandoned” rate, meaning the number of people who enter the sales pipeline intending to buy, but for one reason or another the stop progressing their order. This rate is often typically around twenty five per cent of the time that shoppers drop out and abandon their order; which is a significant amount of waste in anyone’s assessment. Get Satisfaction has the platform to engage prospects in such a way as to greatly reduce this wastage.

Customers are now much more confident with online shopping, and yet they have definite expectations about what they expect to find on a web site business before they part with their hard earned cash. One of these things is to see the comments of past customers so that they can be sure that everything is above board and what it should be. And this feedback content from customers must be authentic; web sites using spammy self-promoting testimonials don’t work anymore. And Get Satisfaction makes sure that prospects have access to this important presales information during the order processing process, which has the effect of greatly reducing the order drop out rate. Indeed, the Get Satisfaction is all about staff and clients building up an accumulation of this information on each product over time, so that it can be used by future prospects. It can truly reduce call center costs by massive amounts, when the answers already exist online in a searchable form.

Get Satisfaction has Multiple Language Support

The Get Satisfaction platform is available in English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, and Swedish languages therefore providing for an extensive range of demographics. And during the process of creating client communities to engage with the business they are buying from, the communications are built around either problems experienced that need to be addressed (and shown to have been addressed), questions needing an answer, ideas for improvement and for praise about the business.

An important feature of Get Satisfaction is the integration with Facebook, because of the viral nature of how interest in a product or service purchase can spread through prospect’s friend’s lists.

And one excellent feature of Get Satisfaction is being able to nominate and select “Champions” for a product or service offering. They are typically past customers who have a rich and happy experience with the business, and on a volunteer basis they help and assist other prospective clients to understand the product or service better. This alone makes a considerable inroad into customer satisfaction and closed sales, because the prospect has a lot of confidence in what an experienced customer has to say.