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One of the most striking things about the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) has been the consolidation of the trend that has been in motion for the last twenty to thirty years which has been the outsourcing of jobs offshore to the very highly educated work forces of the developing world. Every year China has five to six million university students complete their studies, graduate and leave college to enter the work force; meaning that there are about twenty million students at university in China at any one time. India has similar numbers of highly educated workers combined with very high levels of English speaking ability. With the emergence of such highly educated talent in their millions at bargain basement prices, at a time when the United States labor laws and unions have proved to be disruptive, uncompetitive, expensive and not particularly productive, entire divisions of American manufacturing companies and service organizations like call centers, flight attendant and aircraft maintenance staff have been exported overseas to reduce costs. But more than whole divisions being outsourced overseas at a macro level, it has also been happening at the micro level too.

The traditional model was for a business person to engage an office manager to look after the administration side of things, address compliance and taxation issues, composing and typing memos and letters to suppliers and clients and a whole list other tasks. But in recent years, because the Internet has opened up the communications between highly educated and yet cheap labor resources in the developing world and prospective employers in the United States, concepts of “Virtual Assistants” have become popular. Rather than hiring a full time employee on American pay rates, astute and competitive small business people are outsourcing defined tasks and getting real bang for their buck.

GetFreelancer has Blossomed Because of the Global Financial Crisis

Web sites like GetFreelancer provide the medium or meeting place for service providers and employers. The employer is able to define a task and advertise it for free. Large numbers of very qualified people bid for the job with a set price (or an hourly rate with a set number of hours) and a contract is entered into with the winning bidder. GetFreelancer takes a percentage of the contract value from the proceeds of the completed task.

This has the real benefit to the employer in that the business owner is only ever paying for the tasks that need to be done. They are not funding all the personal time salaried employees waste on social networking, water cooler gossip, sick leave, annual leave and other forms of paid holidays. In fact, in the current structure of full time wages and salaried employees, they present a serious risk to all businesses for all manner of things, including legal action claims for wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment as well as a long list of dishonesty problems that can happen in any business at the hands of employees.

Registering an account with GetFreelancer is simple enough. Contractors or service providers are encouraged to build up their profile so as to essentially be providing references for their work capabilities. Employers build up over time a track record of feedback from past contractors in terms of what they are like to work for and how quickly they settle their payment for completed work. Employers of course have no overhead costs like paying for office supplies, phone calls or office rent as the contractor is almost certainly working from home in their own space. And for each item the employer advertised, they can be assured of having a sizable talent pool bidding on each job in highly competitive ways. With fixed pricing for all tasks contracted out, the small business person has a flexible cost structure and yet a multi skilled labor force always available at relatively short notice.

GetFreelancer Suits Online Jobs Best of All

Certainly the majority of work and positions best suited to GetFreelancer or the digital jobs. That is, work that includes programming of software, graphic design, eBook writing, articles, press release and web site content writing, web site design, blog posting, search engine optimization (SEO) are all the types of jobs that are perfectly well suited to GetFreelancer. The secret to success for both parties is for both sides to very clearly lay out the expectations and what will be delivered and when, for how much money to be paid on what schedule. And GetFreelancer provides for all of these things with their system and structure of putting both sides together. Being success fee based, GetFreelancer is all about providing accountability for real work done and completed to the satisfaction of both sides. Both parties are always protected and assured of deliverables and results as are the payments also guaranteed along the way.

When the customer is happy, the funds they have put up in advance and kept safe by GetFreelancer then get released when satisfactory work has been completed. Not all the workers are from the developing countries, but they certainly have impacted on the competitive prices that employers will find at GetFreelancer. Whereas an American programmer may want to charge one hundred dollars an hour for their labor, the extremely low prices offered by equally talented India information technology (IT) professionals means that employers have a diverse range of options to choose from. If the outcome can be clearly specified and documented, say for software development, then why would a business person pay four thousand dollars for a job, when they same result can be achieved for four hundred dollars?

GetFreelancer is benefited greatly from the crunch brought about by the Global Financial Crisis. It has brought a flexible and low cost labor option to American employers struggling through the recession created by greedy Wall Street investment bankers. Business is about the survival of the fittest, and GetFreelancer gives the employer critical competitive advantages especially important during hard economic times. GetFreelancer is worthy of a serious look by all employers.