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GenBook – Online Appointment Scheduling Software

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The whole concept of GenBook is all about world’s currently best practice on the Internet of getting the customer to do all of the work of setting appointments. One of the greatest benefits to it is that customers never misspell their own names or address details, whereas employees who also increase the overhead cost per transaction are easily able to create inefficiency by such errors. Imagine the situation where you run a business that has a number of for example plumbers on the road. Some of these trade workers are rostered to be available on call twenty four hours a day, and others have a set day time roster of working hours and availability. Clients find your business on the Internet, and all they need to do to book and schedule one of your plumbers to attend is to click on the “BookNow!” button on your web site. Alternatively, they only need to click on the scheduling link that GenBook provides for its clients to embed emails, newsletters or Facebook page. Then the client simply follows the prompts to schedule the appointment with your plumber.

GenBook is Like a Customer Relationship Management System on Steroids

The client will have a list of available staff calendars they can choose from, depending on if it is an emergency needing immediate attention, or a routine matter needing a plumber at the mutually convenient time.
GenBook doesn’t limit the number of new appointments that can be booked. It’s simply a matter of promoting your business, advising clients that they can book online twenty four hours a day. And not only do appointments and customer information get entered into the GenBook Calendar, they are also update the Customer Contact Database, in essence meaning that it is a CRM system too.

Ideal for sole proprietors as well as for multiple personal needing to interface with clients, GenBook will work equally as well. Each staff member’s roster and calendar is easily customizable in terms of their hours of availability, as well as what types of services they are skilled in. This allows the customer to select the best match staff member for their needs. GenBook allows you to list as many types of services as a business wants. Each staff member is listed by name, the description of skills they have, their availability, hourly rate and the minimum term for a booking and so customers can quickly know they are booking the right person for their job.

Integration of GenBook into Web Sites is Very Easy

GenBook is essentially all about adding into your web site in a fully integrated way, with the company logo and web site template the very highly function power of GenBook, Google Maps, and it also allows for customers to leave reviews. It can take a plain and ordinary web site and make it a great one, with tremendous functionality.

GenBook allows a business’s customers to be able schedule appointments up to 12 months in advance. What if a customer telephones through an order? No problems, telephone sales staff use the exact same system to process the order on behalf of customers. In fact many businesses begin trialing GenBook for in-house staff to use until everyone is convinced of its functionality and stability.

Managing “Recurring Appointments” for regular customers is simple. Plus GenBook automatically sends an email reminder twenty four hours before each appointment to confirm the service.

GenBook is a full featured Scheduler, Calendar and Reminder System that Customers Love

As a full featured appointment calendar, it is as easy as dragging and dropping appointments when changes need to be made. Both the business and the client have access online from anywhere and at all times.

Both order confirmation emails and reminder emails are part of the basic operation of the GenBook system. Plus GenBook synchronizes its calendar with Microsoft’s Outlook, Google’s Calendar, Apple’s iCal and many calendar formats.

You can set GenBook to send instant or timely text messages to the respective staff as a notification of each new booking made online. Smart phones and iPhones are a vital part of the Internet these days, and GenBook is fully compatible with these technologies. Staff can access their calendar remotely with these Internet enabled devices by logging into GenBook Mobile. And they can access the GenBook application online from the browser in their iPad.

By connecting with customers to get their feedback comments helps businesses to improve their services. GenBook automatically collects these reviews from all verified recent customers, and their feedback can easily be published. Customers now do demand these reviews in order to be confident about the business they are making arrangements with.

Not only as reviews are a great way to promote businesses, GenBook’s system for managing these testimonials from satisfied customers is Search Engine Optimized so that future prospects can find them easily.

Keeping all client details in one safe place has always made sense. Tying the schedule of appointments in the same customer record database means mistakes and duplications don’t happen. Being able to interrogate this information to understand the level of forward bookings is vital management information. Being able to analyze past work completed and paid for is vital for cash flow management planning. Reviewing appointment histories, tracking rescheduled events and cancellations reveals trends that may need management attention. Knowing who the most loyal and profitable customers are is vital. GenBook even allows staff to add personalized client notations just like any other high quality CRM system does.

If your business has an existing client list with email details, import that into GenBook and broadcast a promotional offer to these past clients.

Adding the “BookNow!” button to the web site is very easy to do. And by empowering the client to actively participate in the scheduling process, GenBook will greatly reduce “no shows” where the client forgot to be at home at the appointed time. And similarly, staff will be ever mindful of being prompt in such an orderly and well run business.