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A very important aspect to any new business is that of choosing the name for it. Whilst there has been a trading of ego centric business names where the proprietor names the business after their own family name; such ideas are very unhelpful in marketing terms because only after millions of dollars have been spent in advertising costs and many years of developing the business reputation can customers ever be expected to remember the family named business. And given that very few such businesses ever get to the size where a massive advertising and marketing budget ever do get spent; these businesses suffer greatly for having the ego at the center of their decision on what to name the business. Far wiser is to name the business after some generic term related to the core business market segment that is being served. And when it comes to the internet business name, whilst the rule still holds true that you should seek a name related to the general business type that you are in, you also want to keep the Internet business name, specifically the domain name as short and as easy to spell as possible.

Fur Ly is Very Powerful if Used Wisely

The problem arises where almost every short name for a business has been used by someone else already. But there are solutions to this problem, where web sites like Fur Ly enable you to use the URL shortening service. The concept is fairly easy to grasp, and there are a number of offerings out in the wild that compete with Fur Ly. Simply put, you enter into their site your business URL, together with even a much longer extension to whatever product page you wish and then with the click of a button, you are given in return a very short URL that you can use in your online marketing campaigns. Never the less, the concepts of using a URL shortening service like Fur Ly are limited to a narrow focus of where it is best to use them in a marketing sense and it is always best to get an industry generic domain name that is not too long for attracting your core business clients. That is, Fur Ly is particularly great for Twitter style marketing campaigns because of the strict character limit that Twitter imposes on all tweets sent. And it is really the affiliate marketers who gain the safest advantage of using services like Fur Ly because the target destination is hidden from whoever would be intended to click on the shortened link; especially important for hiding the affiliate marketers affiliate information that comprises the traditional link method.

Fur Ly Lets You Bundle up to Fifty URLs into One Short URL

Fur Ly does stand out as a superior service by adding extra functionality not found on competing web sites like Byt Ly and Googleís equivalent. For example, Fur Ly allow users to add up to fifty long web page addresses which will all result in the one Fur Ly URL. This represents a massive time saving for the busy internet marketer who seek to simplify their internal processes so as to not get confused with the shotgun styled approach to marketing. The engine within the Fur Ly quickly validates all fifty links to make sure they exist, and if any one of them do not; then no shortened URL is provided. And Fur Ly also takes the concepts of spamming very seriously too. That is, the Fur Ly serverís back end engine checks all the long web page URLs against third party spam reporting services; and organizations such as and spamcop.netís DNSBL servers happily report back to Fur Ly if any of them have a spam reputation. If in doubt, Fur Ly will not provide a shortened URL to the user. OF course with busy marketing people, they can get confused about which long URLs are or have been shortened to the one URL by Fur Ly. To resolve this issue, Fur Ly allows you to unbundle them to see what the shortened URL condenses; and you achieve this by entering the shortened URL with ìunî between the :// and the beginning of the URL. Fur Ly will then show you a list of all the long URLs imbedded in that one shortened one.

No Account Needed; But Many Advantages of Opening One For Free

Fur Ly allows users to proceed with or without an account. Certainly for the few seconds it takes to register yourself with their service, it is wisest and less messy to register with them. Not only is it quick and easy to do, it thereafter saves you having to enter a anti spam captcha code every time you want to use the service which are very unproductive for the busy marketer. Having said that, the main advantage of opening an account is that Fur Ly is fully integrated with Twitter and so from within your Fur Ly log in session, you can quickly shorten a URL and then send as many Tweets from your Fur Ly account via your Twitter account or accounts in one seamless and no nonsense process.

Fur Ly Was Purpose built for Twitter Marketing

To get proper use out of Fur Ly you need to be operating in the specific marketing space such as Twitter. And as such using your shortened URL will serve no Search Engine Optimization purpose whatsoever if it was to be used in a link building campaign. Proper and effective link building truly requires a keyword relevant domain name as well as the anchor text for it to be effective. Perhaps it was Byt Ly who pioneered the work of URL shortening, and certainly Googleís own offering has proved very popular very quickly even though it was originally only intended for internal use by its own staff. But it is Fur Ly that has added rich features to the business model and so it stands out as the best of breed of these services.