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Signing Up for FriendCaller

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Online collaboration has become very important today. Many online applications that offer real time collaboration have transformed in very many stylish ways. They have incorporated many other tools such as online video sharing, face to face chat, file sharing platforms, and even online meeting rooms. FriendCaller is also such an online application tool. FriendCaller provides its users with a video chat that works across all platforms. Users can participate in their video cats with a group of up to 7 individuals. In short FriendCaller simply makes online collaboration interesting and most of all private.

How Do I Sign Up for FriendCaller?

Signing up for FriendCaller is remarkably simple. First you will have to open up the FriendCaller website in your internet browser. The website address for FriendCaller is If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see various browsing devices that are being show cased on this web page. Scroll slowly down the page until you reach at the middle of the page. Here you will be able to find a place marked “log in now” and placed on a blue background. The section can be found under the sub title of the page “browser phone.” Once you have identified the section marked “log in now,” click onto it. Immediately you do this you will be lead to a new window on the same PC that you are using, or in the same mobile phone that you are browsing through. Once here, you will be provided by a small window in the middle of the page. The window is marked by a FriendCaller brand at the top most part, and thumb up logo right under it, and it offers you the opportunity to log in to FriendCaller through Facebook or to sign in directly to the account. The signing in directly option is on the right section of the same small window. On this section of regular login, almost at the bottom, is a place marked “log in” and left on top of a green canvas. This is the section that you should click on to “if you are already a registered member.” However since you are not, simply find immediately under the section marked “login” the link that has been written in blue in form of a question, “don’t have an account yet?” then click onto it immediately. The moment you do this, you will find that the setting of the “login” section changes immediately to “register” both on the top and at the bottom. When you have noticed this, use that section to fill out the new form that you have been provided with accordingly. First and foremost, you will be required to fill out the first section with your email address. Therefore provide the right email address that you may have chosen to use. Secondly choose the appropriate name and fill out the second section with it. This name that you will be using in this section should be your “first name.” Once this is done, fill out the second section with your “second name” appropriately. After doing all these, check on the fourth section to appropriately fill out the password that you have chosen to use to access your account and the services that FriendCaller offers. Then accept the terms and conditions that FriendCaller operates on, through checking the small box right next to “accept terms.” The moment you have done this, click on the green canvas right after the section marked “select country.” This section is marked “register.” The moment you do this you will find a pop up window that instructs you to start up the browser and install java. This is the moment you would be waiting for, a successful registration. Now enjoy the services offered by FriendCaller.

Merits of FriendCaller

Once you sign up for a user account on FriendCaller, you will be able to make free calls within their web network. This will enhance your real time collaboration anytime. You will also be able to log into your FriendCaller account through your social media. For instance you can log onto your FreeCaller account through Facebook, this opportunity will allow you to be able to synchronize all your Facebook contact. With such a great seamless integration, FreeCaller has been able to offer its users a variety of services across all boards. In fact FriendCaller app has the mobile app version that allows you to communicate through Wi-Fi.

Having a Free caller account will also allow you to share photos and free messages on your FreeCaller wall. In addition to that, you will be able to enjoy the video conferencing chat that offers up to a conferencing opportunity for you and a group of not more than 7other participants. This you will be able to do while even receiving multimedia messages, since FriendCaller supports text messaging to over 400 global networks.

And again remember that everyone who signs up for FreeCaller does it for free just like its name suggests. All user to user call cost entirely nothing, however when calling other non-FriendCaller users around the world, certain charges may apply. The user is presented with a chart that provides clearly the charges. But for the messages that one would send, FriendCaller charges up to 5 cents per text to most mobile platforms. This affordability that FriendCaller comes with is so vital that it indeed would prove enjoyable to you.

Creation of groups that would make your conversation easy is also very important. This will allow effective discussion on any topic that will be vital at that moment. This will allow your conversation to be all inclusive and to have various opinions effectively shared and discussed.

In FriendCaller you can be sure to enjoy more features than any other application of its kind provides. With its effective compatibility FriendCaller has been able to support effective video cconverstaions across all platforms. It offers the stage for users to make calls directly, and allows messaging to over 400 global networks.

With features that can allow people to video chat, organize group contacts, send text messages, verify phone numbers, and work across all networks, FriendCaller has indeed satisfied its users. In short FriendCaller’s convenient contact options make it appealing and more convenient to other well known service providers in this field.