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Freelancer – world’s largest outsourcing marketplace

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The Internet has proven to be a boom time for employer flexibility and the globalization of independent contract workers often referred to as freelancers. Freelancers work outside the normal structure relationship of employee and employer; rather they are free to take on and bid for smaller project tasks at will, which in turn perfectly matches the needs of employers which need a highly flexible work force, rather than the excessive overheads cost of traditional employees. Over the pat one hundred years, the union movements of the world, when they were not corrupted by organized crime, made significant inroads into the plight of unsafe working conditions for workers, and they fought hard and successfully for improved working environments and conditions, for increased pay and at lesser hours. The power of the collection of aggregated and union labor, especially when it is withdrawn from the employer has a devastating impact on businesses, and so it was often with brute force that unions and their memberships finally succeeded in procuring worker’s quality of life improvements.

The trade off and long run consequence of all of this is that employers no longer can afford to hire long term employees. When time and motion studies are done to assess how much work is done by the average worker on the average day, especially in office situations where no physical products are actually made, employees have not only amassed huge gains in benefits for themselves, they have almost totally avoided the notion of doing any work in return. Between the issues of tardy attendance, time wasted over water cooler gossip, intra office romances and hours spent each day with online social networking that has nothing to do with doing productive work, the actual productivity of office workers is usually pitifully low. And because this is true, the reality is that most businesses don’t need most of their administrative people at all; they simply need some core functions performed and these core functions can be identified and outsourced to freelancers. Not only are freelancers at least equally skilled at doing these core functions, it becomes no concern to the employee what time is wasted by the freelancer, because the employer has contracted them on a set contract amount payable.

Freelancer Grew Most Quickly from GFC

The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has crippled many millions of businesses, and many more millions have had to downsize and strip out all non core functions and personnel. Despite the harsh recession caused by Wall Street and ineffective government policy, it has been a boom time for organizations like Freelancer. Freelancer has already helped nearly three and a half million astute employers and freelancers to find each other and to negotiate short term, set price contracts for work that is core to the businesses of the employers. These freelance contractors can be located anywhere in the world, and they frequently are located in Asia where there are more than fourteen million university graduates each and every year; all of them delighted to do contract work at very low rates for American businesses. The breadth of the labor resource in Asia has almost no limits, and the depth of its talent pool seemingly has no barriers too. Highly educated, extremely well motivated, and yet living in a country with a very low cost base, even the most skilled jobs Americans have been doing (often poorly) can easily be contracted out for less money and lower risk to freelance workers on Freelancer.

The workers are protected by Freelancer by making sure with their platform that contract terms and expectations are clearly communicated and understood. The employers are protected likewise, because even though they must pay for each milestone up front; these funds are not released to the contractor until the employer is satisfied with the finished job outcome. And so it does not matter what the employer needs; be it software to be developed, video content to be produced, web sites to be built, documents to be written, graphics to be designed and the list does go on and on, both the worker and the employer benefit from the processes of Freelancer.

So far, Freelancer has processed jobs for the employers and contractors to the tune of nearly one hundred and thirty million dollars from more than one million six hundred thousand jobs posted so far in a total of two hundred and thirty four countries, and the rate of contracting work being done is continuing to grow and significant rates each quarter.

Sydney Australia’s Freelancer Takes Contractor Management by Storm

Based in Sydney Australia, Freelancer boasts of being the largest such contract work placement web site business in the world. Formally known as GetaFreelancer.

It is a simple matter to open an account for free. After creating a profile, contract workers can bid for work that needs doing, or they can post a job that they want to be done by someone else. So the whole process operates around posting a new position to be advertised, and that new posting will appear in its most relevant category for that type of work. As soon as it is posted, potential freelance contractors can review the requirements and they then decide to bid on the job or not. The bidding process enables contractors to market themselves in the best light to the employer, with their bid being like an informal reference of skill capabilities and with specific information about the price offered for doing the job.

Employers then review the applications; they decide on which contract freelancer to use and contract terms are entered into, including specifying what milestones are to be met for the payment terms discussed. Contractors can then safely begin working on the job knowing that payment to them is guaranteed providing they hit the performance and quality measures agreed to in the contract terms.

Freelancer is perfect for start up companies, small to medium businesses which should have a close eye on overhead costs. Astute employers will always engage workers this way.