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Freelancer – Smartest Way to Hire the Best People for the Lowest Cost

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Since the Industrial Age began, and organizations flourished, companies and government departments have equally thickened the glue that binds them together. And it has nothing to do with the shareholders nor the customers and clients. Rather, it is all about the employees do whatever they must do to protect their security within the organization. Together with the union movement, this has weakened corporations and government departments alike; because effectiveness and efficiency is not what employees care about. As long as they can do the least they can get away with and still keep their pay check, then they have served the only purpose they care about. And yet with the financial collapse beginning in 2008, the executive management level and department heads have had to finally act to get someone to do the work, and at greatly reduced bottom line costs. And in the information age, where most people are using the telephone or computers, that has been not difficult to achieve. Rather than pay people fulltime salaries to stand around the water cooler and gossip or spend time online playing with their social networking accounts, for most part the duties they may get around to eventually when they can be bothered can in fact be contracted out for a set fee for the services provided.

And so with the Internet, we now have organizations like Freelancer, where millions of service providers register and list their skill sets, and millions of other people in need of their services meet to advertise the specific work they need completed. These roles can be broadly spread across a wide spectrum of computer programming, article, book web site content and blog posting written work, proofreading and editing work, administrative and accounting duties, sales and marketing roles, virtual assistant functions. The list is very broad, and yet almost always they can be specified to attract high caliber talent at very low cost levels. The point is that the work gets done by competent people without any need to pay an hourly rate which fulltime people pad out with non productive time spent. Rather the employer agrees to the price for the specified job, and nothing more ñ thus locking in a guaranteed productivity level for every dollar spent.

Contractor or Employer, Freelancer is the Largest Online Employment Web Site

There are several large online work web sites; Freelancer being the largest. Creating an account with freelancer is very simple and easy to do, only requiring you to submit your user name, email address and password. After confirming your email address and logging in, you then have a dashboard from which to navigate the site to build your profile, establish your credentials by undertaking some online tests to demonstrate at what level your skills are at; and of course you can browse the site for the types of contract work you are seeking to perform. When you find a job that suits you, you then submit your bid for that job, listing in your proposal why you are the best person for the job and at what price and trading terms you are willing to accept. Bearing in mind that typically many other people will also be bidding for the job, it makes sense to invest time and energy into your proposal bid so as to stand out as the most talented and best for money contractor the employer could choose. Similarly, it also makes sense to work diligently on your profile, so that potential clients can read about your strengths when they consider your merits as a contractor. Related to this is the feedback system where past employers leave comments and a rating of your services based on their experience with your work. Rating highly with past employers gives prospective employers extra reasons to trust your capacity to do a good job for them too. In this sense, your profile is a living and breathing thing, and it is important to build up and to protect your reputation based on the quality of the work you do.

Very Detailed Job Listings Attract the Best Talent

As an employer, it is all about registering an account, and then designing a brief of the nature of the work is that you wish perform and then posting it online. The more detail about the job the better, so that contractors can submit intelligently with competitive prices how they can best meet your needs. Sadly, many employers are not very well organized and they will often list jobs that make no sense or cannot be bid on because there is no detail to make a bid on. It is simply not enough to say ìI have a writing job, let me know your pricesî, because that is meaningless in the greater scheme of things. Generally speaking, experienced contractors post the best listings for contractors; because from their experiences they know what information contractors need in order to submit bids. That is, you can use your account for both doing work as well as listing work to be done by others.

Employers Pay into Freelancer the Agreed Costs, Keeping Contractors Safe

An important safety feature of Freelancer is that before the contractor begins doing any work assigned to him or her, the employer must pay the funds into escrow with freelancer; and by these means the contractor is assured of payment when the work has been done satisfactorily. Indeed the entire Freelancer concept is predicated on the prompt release of funds when the work has been completed to the agreed standard. Should there be a problem, then Freelancer has an inbuilt dispute handling process, where both parties can lodge a complaint of unfair treatment by the other party. And to avoid matters reaching any dispute stage, it is always prudent to fully engage and communicate with the other party so that both sides are fully engaged throughout the contract period to progress the job to its ultimate conclusion.