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Social networking has been around for about ten years now and has exploded into prominence because it truly meets the needs and wants of the masses to be able to reach out and connect with other people, either at a trivial level, for dating purposes or to reconnect with people from their school years or past career paths and employers. Each of the social networking sites have their inherent advantages, yet besides their individual strengths few if any meet all people’s needs due to perceived weaknesses and inflexibilities. is the Image and Video Storage Social Network of Choice

Fotki seeks to address this issue of the other social networking sites only having some of what is possible. While it is true that Fotki is a digital photograph sharing web site, it is also a video sharing site too. And Fotki is also a social media network web site. Indeed Fotki is a suite of web services with almost all the common elements and functionality that web 2.0 has produced which has helped Fotki to become one of the largest social networking web sites in the world. In particular, Fotki includes the features of Ajax, post and photo tagging; creating RSS feeds which people can subscribe to, social bookmarking functions, the user’s GPS location information as well as Exif information display. Fotki in addition comes complete blogging functionality similar to LiveJournal and Blogger, as well as online printing services and the sale of prints at different price points. Fotki provides email services and also co-branding if desired.

The Fotki community of tools provides for the tagging of photographs and videos; each member can build up substantial information about themselves in their profile; and users can also can save organize and save their preferred links similar to for example Search functions are performed using the folksonomic tools.
There are both free and paid account types, with the premium (paid) user having no limits on their file storage quotas. In fact people from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia also get unlimited storage with their free accounts. In fact the name Fotki in Slavic dialects like Russian and Polish means “photograph”, and was thought of and built in 1998 by a husband and wife team to fulfill their own desires to upload and share photographs with people from around the world.

Fotki has All the Web 2.0 Functions Including Blogging

When building their site, originally designed around their desire to share photographs, they broke it all down to four phases of uploading, storing, organizing and accessing the images. It has since developed significantly from their photo sharing functionality to embrace all the web2.0 functions that people have come to love and enjoy like blogging, tagging and RSS feeds enables connected groups of members to stay in touch and up to date with the latest information as it is published. The uploading can be done one image at a time, or by means of a Java uploader, many images can be uploaded at the same time into your account. ActiveX is available for Internet Explorer users to upload multiple images at the same time. Fotki have released their own desktop plugin which, when installed enables users to right mouse click images on their computer to be uploaded to their Fotki account.

Fotki handles the following languages with ease; English, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified), German, French, Italian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Dutch, Polish, Malay, Hebrew, Spanish, and Japanese. Further languages will be added, and the two most common languages of Spanish and Simplified Chinese guarantee that Fotki already can service the largest population groups who have already demonstrated their love and passion for social networking, photo and video sharing as well as blogging.

During its development, Fotki pioneered various technology break throughs and it has been actively licensing its photograph sharing to other companies such as, Sears, Telecom Italia, Mark Travel,, and to name just a few. With nearly two million users from two hundred and forty one countries around the world, Fotki is in the top fifteen hundred busiest web sites in the world as ranked by Alexa.

People are able to use the default to have their photograph content publicly available and searchable by anyone right down to being able to make it password protected where only select people are authorized to view the content. In fact Fotki has an invitation system built in so that users can invite the people of their choosing to come and view what is on display, either publically or privately in the secured area. And the images can be protected from right mouse clicking and saving them locally by people unauthorized to do that. That is, users are free to sell their content as digital images or printed copies as a service provided by Fotki, and so the site protects the copyright ownership by making it impossible for site visitors to save them without paying for them first.

Each user’s account is highly customizable, especially the premium (paid) user accounts which enable
geographical information tagging for the images using Google Maps and GPS data as well as being able to change the way the photos are displayed. If the images have information embedded in them, this can be set to be seen easily, or turned o0ff depending on the user’s chooses.

Fotki has Generous Storage for Free Users

The basic, free account comes with an allocated the gigabyte of image storage (video not included) and a fifty megabyte email storage quota. The only downside is that free accounts do carry advertising, which is a small inconvenience for such generous free space entitlements. The premium accounts have no storage limits or advertising, plus this user group is able to market and sell their images at any price they choose (with a fifteen per cent commission paid to Fotki) and uploads can be done with the fast and reliable File transfer Protocol (FTP). And premium clients can even watermark their images to prevent them from being stolen.