Last Updated: October 12, 2015 3 What Is It and What Should I Know About It?

Found In: Photo is one of the best systems in existence for sharing photos online. Each day more and more people join as compared to other websites and there are always improvements that are taking place. One of the biggest advantages is that can accommodate an unlimited number of your photographs. This, combined with their dedication to keeping ahead of the crowd technologically speaking, makes them a great option to consider when looking for an online photo sharing service.

How to sign up for

Signing up for is a very easy process indeed. Just follow these simple steps in order to get started.

  • Go to and click on the button that says Free Signup
  • You will then have to select your username. Make sure that you follow the rules specified on the site for creating your username. If you choose a name that is already in use you will be required to select another before you can register. Make sure that your username is original, but at the same time something that you will be able to remember as you will need this username to sign into your account later.
  • Create a password that is at least four symbols long. Remember that the password you choose should be something that is easy for you to remember. At the same time it should also be something that other people will not easily be able to guess. Think about this carefully.
  • You will have to type the password in again in order to confirm your password choice.
  • The next step is to enter a valid email address into the required field. Your email address is needed so that the verification email can be sent to you and so that you will be able to access your account if you ever forget your password. For these reasons you must be absolutely certain that the address is indeed valid.
  • You will also have o specify your location. The system locates your country for you, but you are able to change this and select any hometown and country that you like.
  • At the bottom there will be a validation code that you will have to enter. This is to make sure that you are human and that you will not be using for any purposes other than for what it is intended.
  • The next step is to indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms of agreement. It is a good idea to actually read these before just blindly ticking the box. There may be something in the terms that you are not happy about or that you didn’t know before. It is always better to be properly informed in situations like these.
  • Once you have done all of these things you will be ready to sign up. To do this you can simply click on the ‘Sign up’ button. Now you are ready to start using accounts

When you sign up with you will get a thirty free trial membership. If you want to continue after the trial you will have to pay for a Premium account. The advantages of this account are:

  • Photo selling
  • Co-branding
  • Ability to upload photos via FTP
  • Ability to control download of originals
  • My Page
  • No ads
  • Unlimited photo storage space
  • Advanced My Guests Page
  • Permissions
  • Pin code
  • Watermarking
  • Feed
  • Album and folder protection
  • Look and feel customization
  • Affiliate Program

How do I login to

If you want to view any of your content, or if you want to add new photos, you will have to login. In order to do this you will have to go to and access the homepage. Once you are on the homepage you will see a button that says ‘Login’. Click on this and enter the username and password that you created during the sign up process. In order to logout click on the ‘Logout’ link. In order to maintain privacy it is suggested that you stay logged out whenever you are not using

Recovering forgotten usernames and passwords

If you have forgotten you username and password you will have to go to the website and click on the “Forgot username or password?” link located by the ‘Login’ button. Alternatively you can go to or to recover each of these important login items. These will both take you to an access recover field. In the case of forgotten passwords, you will have to type in your username in the field and click on the “Request UserName(s)” button. In the case of a forgotten username you will be required to type in the email address linked to your account before clicking the button. Both of these actions will lead to a recovery email being sent to your email account. In the case of a forgotten password the email you receive will give you a link to the Create a New Password screen, which will allow you to create a new password quickly and easily. In the case of a forgotten username, your username will be sent to your email address.

Once you have a good understanding about all of these instructions you will be able to start using for the purpose it exists for: to share photos. There are a lot of things to learn in this regard that this tutorial does not have time to discuss, but you will also realise that a lot of the things you will need to do are common sense. If you know how to use a computer you will figure out most of the processes and procedures yourself in a very short time. If you are concerned that you do not have the information required to share photos effectively, go to for more information. It won’t be long before you will be in a position to share and connect with all of your closest friends using