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FormSite – Create Forms & Surveys

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Almost all owners of web sites have a need to incorporate forms into their web site, and the list of potential reasons for this is almost endless. Whether it be to collect customer and prospective client information, details about their unique and special needs, or for clients to report problems or difficulties or to conduct a survey of the web site visitors, almost every web site needs at least one form built in to its structure. is all about assisting web site owners who are neither technical nor skilled in HTML web page coding to be able to build the exact forms they need to incorporate into the web site.

With its business model build around the “software as a service” structure, rather than buy the software outright, download and install it, users create their account and for a small fee use the tools available to build their own customized web site forms. As a web site based software service and produced by Vroman Systems Inc, this privately held software business is based in Chicago, Illinois. Positioning itself as one of the first online form building services to enter the market, Vroman Systems Incorporated launched its first production release of the software in February 1999 and since its debut, the company has processed over five hundred million form submissions up until 2009.

FormSite is the Standard for Form building Excellence

In fact FormSite has become in essence the defacto standard for form building functionality, and has had write ups in PC Magazine as well as been reviewed by and it has been featured in a textbooks for entry level web designers to use for their needs. FormSite is now ranked in the top five thousand web sites in the world as determined by its Alexa ranking.

The services of FormSite is all about allowing lay person users to design and build any online form that they could need for their web site, and it enables the users to utilize any hyper text markup language (HTML) form component. Without any knowledge of the native HTML programming language, it has been a boon to novice and non technical users with limited or no skills to efficiently create online forms. The resulting forms look and behave in a professional manner, and all data collected is properly stored in underlying databases that form the basis for interrogation and reporting later. And an important issue for building web site forms is the validation of data when it is entered by web site visitors. And this is where FormSite comes into its own by easily allowing forms that carry data validation rules for every field of information on the form. With the form’s built-in validation rules and error handling processes, web site visitors can only enter numbers in telephone and zip code fields, and can only enter email addresses in email address fields, web site addresses in web site address fields etc. And the system even enables the user to have new submissions emailed to them, so as to be fully up to date in real time with the latest inquiry for their web site business.

FormSite has Many Membership Plan Levels

There is a free level of membership for light users, and this does carry advertising. Larger users pay an annual fee, and depending on their needs can build large and extensive forms of high volume submissions with no upper limit to what power users can commit to for their web site business.

And because it is all a drag and drop format for building forms, anyone has the power to build the most complex or simple form as their needs dictate. Often the needed form is for handling payment processing, and FormSite makes this very easy to do with full integration of the Paypal system, Google Checkout, and a variety of other credit card processors. The system can easily handle electronic products fulfillment so that after a payment has been made, the client is automatically granted access to their download or emailed with the product they purchased attached to it. Captcha Spam trapping is a brainless thing to add into your forms, and the form you wish to build can be broken down into several pages rather than exhausting potential clients with a too large and complex single page structure. FormSite also allows forms to be built where the web site visitor attaches items to their form submission for whatever reason they may need to.

As you would expect, adding in your company business logo is a simple affair, as is including any other images of your choice. The form can have graphs integrated into them, as well as your reporting on form submissions can be presented to you graphically too. On form calculations are also very simple to integrate so that order totals are completed automatically once the client has selected which products he wishes to order and pay for. The system also fully integrates with is need be. Such integration with Customer Relationship Management software is a truly powerful function, because there is no redundant or inaccurate data. That is, clients are far less likely to forget how to spell their name, email details phone numbers and address information, and having such clean information in the CRM saves a lot of time and effort. And in this modern Internet age, as you would expect, all forms can be designed for easy use by smart phones and iPhones.
Complete and exhaustive email integration is part of the total package so that clients are automatically emailed whatever they require, customized with their personal details of name and address, as well as the web site management also getting email notification of the new sign up. Alternatively, the new form submissions can be downloaded in a variety of formats for management review at regular intervals for live and up to the moment results.

FormSite is all about you creating your own account so that you can save your progressive work and return at a later time to complete your work later.