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Food Network – Recipes & Cooking

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The Internet has spawned many new ways for people to communicate and it continues to develop further even now. From what was originally only a text based internet, as people’s connection speeds increase, so did the range of potential content types also increase, firstly with images on web pages and later with video. And with the range of connection devices broadened to now include cable televisions, smart phones and iPhones, this has given rise to an ever more ubiquitous “always on always everywhere” reality for what the Internet is today.
Television networks have always had a controlling and overtly domineering role in our lives by the ways they have slowed down and hampered the growth in digital technologies as well as the ways they restricted their programming line ups to only cater for the least intelligent average viewers to be only available as and when this the less than intelligent viewers are likely to watch it. Constantly repeating programming schedules saturated by advertising has always been the mantra of the television networks.

In internet has been bringing about a powerful change in the world by bypassing the printed news press and the corporate television network. More detailed and timely news and television programming is now available when we want it on demand from web sites, each covering the exact niche of information we as individuals wish to access it. We are no longer forced to obey the television network’s mandate of when we must watch their meager programming line up. The internet has empowered us to fit all programming into the time frames most suitable to our unique lives.

The Food Network is Progressive for Accessing TV Programming from the Internet

The Food Network is one such front runner on the new paradigm. Founded on April 19, 1993 as the TV Food Network, it was launched at the very beginning of the internet becoming popular with the masses. Created by one of the founders of CNN Reese Schonfeld with its program director being Trygve Myrhen who was the President of The Providence Journal, it began life with a bevy of cable company shareholders and more importantly, Tribune Company of Chicago which provided the network’s technical output.

And so while it was launched as a television program, to be aired on TV, its web site became the portal for all matters pertaining to our interest in food; a dedicated food television channel. Soon the television episodes were available from the web site and available for people from all around the world to see.

Logically the programming was anchored to the kitchen, where instructional cooking programs gave “how to” tips and tricks and featured food related entertainment programs, cooking competitions, food and its relationship to travel as well as reality shows.

The Food Network has Something for Everyone

Many of the Food Network’s hosts have developed cult followings. For example, Alton Brown became famous for his “Good Eats” which mixed science with cooking with offbeat humor.

Whilst the Food Network has been around for nearly twenty years on cable television, it is now its focus on internet delivery where the Food Network has real power. The masses are truly bored by television networks and their dictatorial ideas on programming schedules. With the broadband internet access so widely available, television viewers have changed their viewing habits to access the programming they like when they like it from the web site, where they can watch any earlier episodes they want repeated to perhaps research how to prepare the meal they want to prepare that day. And so there is an entire section of the web site devoted to “how to” videos where people are taught in detail exactly how to go about preparing their favorite meals.
The United States now has the fattest people on Earth, matched by a surprisingly low life expectancy; surprising because modern medical sciences cannot avert the way Americans are killing themselves with their food choices and morbid obesity. And so the Food Network has devoted an entire section to grilling foods, because the grilling process removes by cooking off much of the deadly saturated fats in meat products before we eat them.

In our very lives, the Food Network has devoted another whole section of the web site to what is quick and easy to prepare, rather than just resorting to the nutrient barren take away food options Americans traditionally have relied on. And just because food did not take long to prepare, that does not mean it needs to be unhealthy. Having said that, on the subject of healthy eating choices, the Food Network has also committed to an entire section on the healthy eating alternatives available to us. Healthy eating choices usually means opening our minds to the fact that healthy food groups not only contain more nutrition and lower levels of damaging fats and sugars, they also do taste better and allow for more creativity in our cooking and food choices.

Holidays and parties we cater for are covered with a tremendous section on creative ways to enjoy food and to be remembered by our guests. Kids meals also are included in ways that get our children on the right path to healthy eating lifestyle choices, without even talking about health to them.

The Food Network also caters for the huge number of recipes that the hosts have worked with, so no episode’s useful information is ever lost to us. We simply don’t need a recipe book when we have the Food Network to fall back on. And so with the wide range of chefs hosting the programming, and depth of resources and videos available on the Food Network, Americans are able to live longer and more active and healthy lives whilst at the same time enjoying their food more than the typical routines and lazy habits of the past decades. The fresh foods and organic growing technologies we can access from Farmer’s Markets won’t suit the massive food corporations. But the Food Network is a progressive improvement.