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Create Online and Mobile Surveys Easily Using FluidSurveys

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Many businesses are continually on the lookout for new ways by which they can get more information about their customers. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest companies in the world today spend millions of dollars just for that purpose. It is basically an attempt to ‘get inside the customer’s head’ to discover what he feels about the product/service and then get the customer to elucidate further on what s/he wants from the service provider or product. That being the goal, the methodology is always the most critical part given the customer’s time constraints and protectiveness of their privacy. The availability of technology has made it possible for surveys to be designed and delivered to the customer in order to ask questions and elicit responses which may be analyzed for valuable data. By providing critical data from customers, the business is able to make better decisions. While a platform that is able to combine brilliant methodologies with the right technology is seldom available, there have been such services that have hit the mark and continued to deliver excellent service. One such platform is FluidSurveys.

FluidSurveys is quite simply a foremost service provider in the field of online and mobile surveys. The platform operates the Do-It-Yourself model thus enabling individuals, businesses and organizations globally to create surveys using the tools on the platform then serving them to the respondents and collecting data from them which are the analyzed to provide results in realtime. One of the best attributes of the FluidSurveys platform are its intuitive tools and features with which any user, beginner and advanced would be comfortable. FluidSurveys is simply brilliant to use and has already garnered a strong following among users including businesses and organizations. The platform proudly counts some of the world’s top organizations, enterprises and brands among its clientele and these include UNICEF, Zendesk, PwC, AirAsia, L’Oreal and Readers’ Digest.

Features of FluidSurveys

Using its amazing suite of features, FluidSurveys is able to offer users excellent service and brilliant output with which they can make well-informed business decisions. These features include:

  • Intuitive Interface: The ease with which users can create their surveys is amazing. The platform makes this easy by using ‘drag & drop’ functionalities. No need for any experience or programming abilities, just drag & drop the components of the survey to the right place. Additionally, skip logic in included in order to create a personalized survey experience for each respondent. Save time by using available templates and picking from the question bank provided. Users can also format the look and feel to suit their brand or purpose. There are more than 35 question types to choose from in addition to multiple language versions.
  • Multi-mode Data Collection: FluidSurveys makes it easy for users to send theor surveys out via diverse means including web links, personalized email invitations, pop-ups on websites, social media, offline as well as via mobile devices.
  • Data Visualization and Analysis: By using FluidSurveys, businesses can start seeing results in realtime and taking action if required promptly. Realtime reports can also be generated visually using graphs and charts while users can drill down further to get more detailed data by using filters. If there is a need to find out when specific responses have been provided for certain questions, an alert may be set up which may be triggered when such responses are provided. Data analyzed may be exported into other data analysis environments such as CSV and SPSS while the reports are sharable online.
  • Mobile Surveys: It is imperative to provide a mobile alternative for surveys and FluidSurveys ensures that the mobile experience is optimized on its platform. There are mobile-ready themes already provided to suit that environment and ensure that the survey remains very clear to the respondent. Dynamic adaptation to various mobile devices is yet another attribute of FluidSurveys whether it is the iOS, Android or Blackberry platform. Responses can still be collected offline using any device and the data updated when there is internet service and the platform also provides interactive questions while allowing respondents provide answers by submitting video responses.
  • Enterprise Scale Tools: Enterprises enjoy the use of tools that match their needs and these include multi-user accounts, administrative tools, role management, white labeling, priority support and training.

Signing Up to Use FluidSurveys

Signing up to use FluidSurveys is a very easy and straightforward process. Simply proceed to the homepage at and click on either of two buttons; Free or Paid plans. This will open the appropriate page. Note that both registration pages (for paid and free plans) present same form with same details required. The required details are as follow:

  • Nickname
  • Email
  • Full Name
  • Password
  • Phone Number

After filling in the required details, click on the ‘Register’ button beneath the form. An email will be sent to the provided email with an activation link which you need to click.

Costs of Using FluidSurveys

FluidSurveys has special pricing for government institutions, students and non-profits. The following are the various plans available on the FluidSurveys platform:

  • Free: This plan is free of charge. Users can create unlimited surveys with a maximum of 20 questions and 150 responses per survey. Realtime response analysis is also enabled.
  • Pro: This plan costs $19/month and $204/year. It includes all the features in the FREE plan in addition to unlimited responses, basic survey logic, emailing of survey invitations, beautiful charts and graphs and data exports among others.
  • Ultra: This plan costs $59/month and $588/year. It includes all the features in the Pro plan in addition to premium question types, advanced survey logic, piping and looping, quotas and deadlines, advanced publishing, text response analysis, multiple collectors and phone support.
  • Enterprise: The costs of this plan are directly negotiated with FluidSurveys and in addition to features in the other plans, it offers multi-user accounts, offline/tablet capabilities, enhanced SSL security, white label branding, acceptance of file uploads, SPSS data exports as well as dedicated phone support.