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Floorplanner – interior design software.

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Almost every software application that you used to have to buy and install on your personal computer can now be found on a web site as an online application that requires no installation; all you need do is open an account on the web site (usually for free to at least trial the software) and then you are free to begin using it immediately. The actual purchase price becomes a tiny amount compared to the old business model of buying the application from a computer store on compact disk because in fact you at worst are only going to be asked to pay a nominal monthly usage fee. And the main benefit to users for using web site based software as a service type applications is that you will always be using the most up to date and current production version of the application; meaning that you never have to worry about being stuck with last yearís version with all its bugs and limitations. As new functionality is developed and released, you are immediately able to access and use it.

Drag and Drop Simplicity with Floor Planner

Floor Planner is a very simply to use application that novices and professionals alike can use to develop their floor plan ideas and it uses the cloud server infrastructure to host the software as a service application. To open and account and get started is quick and easy to do, simply requiring you to nominate your email address and password. By having an account you are then able to store your partly finished design and come back to it at a later time. It is as most software as a service business models are; entirely free to get started; and the site supports its self with advertising displayed on the screens of free the users. And for a fifteen dollar a year fee, you are able to access an increased range of options including being about to create, save and publish up to five completed floor plans in your account; and of course with the paid option you are sp0ared the need to put up with sponsor advertising messages.

Print or Publish Online your Finished Plans

Downloading and printing can be done at the very high resolution of one thousand and twenty four pixels by seven hundred and sixty eight pixels and they can be delivered in either two dimensional or three dimensional perspectives. Similarly you are able to quickly publish the images of your floor plans on to the web site for perhaps prospective buyers to view when considering your home to buy. Indeed, the Floor Planner web site is proving very popular with people who have their home on the market. That is, the real estate market being so deeply depressed in recent years; and recognizing that prospective buyers do love to be able to review the detail of floor plans as one aspect of viewing a home, many users do use the Floor Planner web site service to give themselves every extra edge in the sale process. And to boost their users prospects, Floor Planner have included in their range of functions the ability to publish live the created floor plan (at the users option) so that other people can visit the creation and use the site to play around with furniture placement, color schemes and anything other possible way to use the floor plan. When you think about it, this is a very powerful and useful feature that Floor Planner has available because whilst only the registered user can save and make permanent the changes to the design; allow other visitors to work with the design gives maximum utility to the whole process and greatly improves the prospects of the vendor of the home if that what is behind the user joining the site.

Homes Sales Tool or Marketing Aid

I know that other users created the design of their floor plan and published it so that they could then go furniture shopping and work with sales staff in their stores with access to the floor plan so that different furniture options could be explored. Yet other people use the floor plan not for the design of their home but instead for the lay out of their gardens and where garden beds, trees and other yard items could be placed before finally committing to that garden layout. And from this garden design being made available to the landscape gardening team online, the client can adjust these plans overnight to reflect new ideas for the landscapers to work with. The simple fact of life is that working with paper drawings as in days long past is wasteful and impractical. Make a change online and all users then get access to the latest version in real time. Online, many people can collaborate on the project so as to develop the ideas to the highest levels possible.

Design Your Garden Layout or Furniture options with Floor Planner

The heart and soul of the Floor Planner web site is its simplicity of use by being all about dragging and dropping items into the room sizes you have created. And if you are not happy with a room size, you can drag it out by clicking and holding down the left hand mouse button; dragging it to the new position you want to try out. And by this means of drag and drop you can quickly and easily play around with many different options until you are satisfied with your created design. But to take the functionality up to the next level, Floor Planner joined forces with another company; Magic Plan and together have launched a mobile iPhone by downloading the app for the service so that you are able to go on site to a home you are inspecting, take multiple pictures of it, upload those pictures to Floor Planner and then the web site will convert these images into floor plans.