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Floorplanner – Interior Design Software

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In the oldest computer days it was always about mainframe computing and people using dumb computer terminals to login to the local area network to send and receive information from their keyboard to that mainframe computer to centrally house and manipulate all the data. Then came along Microsoft which decided that computing power should be distributed outwards to the desktop level for each user to maintain and control their data and which applications they would run on their local machines. Lastly came along the Internet which then linked up all of the desktop computers and more recently all the other connected devices like smart phones, Blackberries and iPhones so that people could share information and data as well as communicate. And with the Internet came the concept of “software as a service”, where people didn’t buy their own copy of an application and install it under their single user license on one computer; rather they paid a much smaller fee to access the application stored in the cloud and a powerful web server which could handle hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of users all logging into at the same time.

Floorplanner is one such software as a service business and its goal is all about assisting people to create their own floor plans online, using the web based software running on a powerful web server. Floorplanner is all about giving you the user the tools you need create and modify beautiful floor plans, quickly and efficiently right down to specifying the dimensions and color scheme. And it doesn’t matter whether you are moving into a new home or planning a large reception or wedding or simply reorganizing the living room or office space; Floorplanner has all the tools you would expect to need to get the job done easily like a professional including being able to furnish the plan from a huge library of furniture objects and decorations.

Floorplanner is all About Ease of Use

Floorplanner is all about how easy it is to open your account and then get straight into using it with a minimum of fuss so that hours at a drawing board are not needed; rather just drag and drop items and objects quickly and easily to where you imagine they should be from a big picture perspective. No erasers are necessary to make alterations; simply click an object and drag it to where you want it to be. Whether you need to drag a room size out to be larger, or to extend a counter top to be more in balance with available space, Floorplanner allows it all with simple to use drag and drop functions that also give exact precision to the measurement of dimensions that any builder can follow. Every item, object or building parameter can be reshaped or resized and even rotated if necessary so that the user can quickly visualize the end product of the design. And because we often need the feedback and opinion of others, Floorplanner makes it a simple process to share users to share their designs with other people, friends and family so that their ideas can also be incorporated later.

At for less than fifteen dollars a year, a Floorplanner Plus account allows for up to five complete projects, each of which can be exported in either two or three dimensional views as images of up to 1024×768 pixels in resolution. In fact the Floorplanner Plus account is advertising free and enables users to add external images, videos to be added to projects to give the most realistic floor plans possible. This can be perfect for when a user is marketing their home online, by being able to publish the floor plan together with other images and videos in ways that visitors looking at the floor plan online are also given the option of moving furniture around the home for their own look and feel before coming to see the property in person. Property buyers love to be able to check out floor plans and to see the home in three dimensional views before they come out in person for a detailed inspection.

Floorplanner and MagicPlan Partner to Make Floor Plans Quickly from Mobile Phone Cameras

More recently, Floorplanner has partnered with the MagicPlan application which works on smart phones and iPhones so as to allow people to create floor plans by using their mobile phone camera. Literally as the name implies, the user simple walks around the home using the application on their phone to take pictures from many perspectives, and uploads them to their MagicPlan account. The application automatically creates the floor plan just from this point and click approach just like magic. A great deal of time is saved this way, especially when there is no existing floor plan available and it makes the perfect start for then using Floorplanner to extend and alter the existing floor plan with planned additions and furniture layouts..

Once the user has imported their MagicPlan floor plan into Floorplanner it is a simple process to create scale drawings with dimensions and tolerances for a builder to use and for materials estimates to be provided for and budgeted for. These drawings can then be saved in PDF format, viewed and published online in either two dimensional or three dimensional views and manipulated by third parties who have a vested interest in the property. Office planners use Floorplanner to great effect to project the potential layouts for new office fit outs so that management teams can reviews the plans and sign off on them. This all happens so much more easily when furniture is laid out efficiently to prove that everyone has sufficient room to get their jobs done well, and that the office spaces flow naturally to allow for optimal lighting and foot traffic flows. When management can see what has been planned in with dimensions shown and in different views, and fears they may have a dissipated and they tend to approve of the plan promptly.