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FlauntR – Free Online Photo Editing Tools

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

We now can find on the internet quite an array of image editing web sites. Images are a huge part of the internet these days, and it is only going to become more so. And so it is of no real surprise the level to which people want to edit and modify their pictures and images to add special effects. FlauntR has a unique interface which makes it quite easy to use. All the functions are separated into six main tabs giving users a step by step process for editing images. However, in many respects FlauntR can be confusing to use because many of the usual functions you would expect to find as a button to be clicked on the tool bar in fact are drop down menu items. Certainly it does get easier to use when you have learned where everything is hidden and you become familiar with the interface.

FlauntR has Some Special Effects Not Available Elsewhere

Users will find in FlauntR most of the usual and necessary features and special effects normally used to transform images. And applying any special effect to images is as simple as the click of the mouse, and so in that sense, FlauntR will configure the effect for your photo automatically making it easy to use. In order to crop, rotate and resize your image, you’ll be working from the EditR tab in FlauntR and users will find such special effects as “neon emboss” and “mosaic” that are not offered with other photo editing services. However, very useful tools like “auto fix” and “touch up” are not part of the service and so things get a bit vague when it comes down to a total recommendation for the software suite. In its favor, other options FlauntR has to offer like “red eye removal” and “exposure adjustments” are cool features and these great tools are important to many of us. Overall, and despite the obvious lack of some important features and the few missing advanced editing tools, FlauntR does give users a fast and simple to use suite of processes for editing images that can create something professional, useful and unique.

As you would expect, it is not difficult to add borders or to overlay images with the tools found in the stylR tab. Often these design features are used by people getting creative with personalized gifts and scrapbooks and there are many options to choose from. With the stylR tool set, excellent distortion and lighting effects can be quickly added for that unique feel. The textR feature as you would expect allows users to add text and stickers to images so that personal messages and context can be added to them. And the color palette can be changed by using the picasR feature.

One handy feature is being able to link your FlauntR account directly to your preferred photo sharing or social media site and sites such as Facebook, Picasa, Flicker, and Bebo are all supported, and after completing your editing work, you can simply export them back to your social networking site. Alternatively, you can simply upload the image you wish to edit from your computer or telephone and download your saved work back to your computer. FlauntR simply does take more time to do all this. Other online image editing software as a service offerings are faster because they save and share with connected social networking sites almost instantly.
FlauntR is for now somewhat unique with its profilR and mobilR feature sets by giving users the ability to create profile images for use as backgrounds for mobile phones and for social media site profile pages.

Sadly FlauntR Does Need More Work to Complete the Project

The FlauntR web site does have a frequently asked questions page resource (FAQ) page to offer guidance and assistance. Alternatively, users can make contact directly with the company or search for further information on the blog. Sadly, FlauntR could be more intuitive to use and learn than it is with its development so far. And it does not help that FlauntR has no online tutorials of any kind for specific ideas on how to use the software, which all suggests a lack of commitment or resources available to the developers and makes it all seem like a half finished project. And this is a pity because FlauntR does have several unique features not found on competing sites.

In summary, with a little bit of work to simplify the user interface, and with online tutorials to help users gain a more advanced skill set with using FlauntR more quickly, because of its unique features not found elsewhere FlauntR could be made into something truly special. It is capable of being integrated with the social networking sites and so to include the obviously lacking features that are found elsewhere would bring FlauntR up to par as being a best of breed service offering. It is most certainly true that images are an ever expanding market segment, not just for hosting them but also for editing them, and so it will be a pity if the FlauntR project is not fully and finally brought up to speed. A lot of work has gone into its creation so far.

In any event, it is very much checking out FlauntR, if for no other reason that the several user features not found on competing software applications. While Photoshop’s days have come and gone for being a too expensive, overly complicated desktop only solution, FlauntR is worlds better, free to use and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connected device.. When you need the special effects that can only be undertaken by FlauntR, you’ll be able to use another software suite that you prefer most, and at least be able to use FlauntR for those special features uniquely available for free here. Sadly it is not easy to find out what the continuing development path for FlauntR is most likely to be in the future and we’ll have to watch this space.