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Fixya – Support Information for Gadgets

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When you look at the massive growth in web site content now including more than fifteen billion web pages created over the past twenty years, and all the business models that have come and gone, almost all of them now involve “software as a service” solution where people are able to now do online what they used to have to buy a program to install on their computers to run locally. To a much lesser degree have been information based sites used as a business model, with the few exceptions of Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers and of course the wild and wooly growth of Google’s search engine solution. Bu8t generally speaking, where there has been a web site grown and expected to become a large business some day in the future, it is very rare for that web site to be about a growing information source rather than some software solution.

Fixya is a Virtual community of Self Help on Consumer Product Problems

Fixya does seem to be very different in this regard in that it has built a thriving community of consumers who all cooperate to upload their personal experiences with products they have purchased over the years. And as a result there is a swelling database resource accumulated over time on just about every consumer product out there in the wild than can and has been bought. This intelligence then becomes a resource for prospective buyers who can research the history of current buyer’s experiences to find out what the likely problems could be with their own purchases. And the community works together to guide each other in the safe and effective repairs that can be carried out on their purchases after they have had problems and so that users can troubleshoot what may be the problem they are currently having. Where possible, the Fixya also includes repair manuals and other documentary information available on each product that other consumers have already bought.
And so Fixya is “virtual community” of technical support information; a web site designed around helping people and consumers to repair and troubleshoot product problems by themselves. Buiult around the structure of web 2.0 properties, both questions and the advice given by members together comprise this ever growing informational source. By Fixya aggregating all post and pre sale information such as manuals and user guides, frequently asked questions troubleshooting resources supplied by vendors, software drivers and tools of such a large array of consumer products, many people seek out Fixya on the strong likelihood that they will find what they are looking for from posts made by other members already. In this sense, Fixya acts and serves as a knowledge base of support. Questions and answers that are being constantly updated by its community of self generated threads continues to grow at a rapid rate; extending the depth of intelligence on existing products as well as fleshing out new product information and content going forward.

Fixya is Fast and Easy to Use

And so it is reasonable to see FixYa as the easy to use, free and fast problem resolving service that connects a huge audience of lay people with experts on almost any product capable of being brought by consumers in America at any time and from wherever they are located. This is so much more convenient and also more friendly than trying to contact manufacturers and vendors which in any event have contact hours limited to normal business hours, assuming they will even take your phone call at all.

Typical of the profit centric outlook of American businesses, where money invested in providing “service” really means they will help take your order and do whatever is necessary to sell you something, yet not take your inquiry if you later have problems, consumers have long since been frustrated by the meager investment companies make in after sales infrastructure. The complete lack of useful advice and easy to access online solutions for everyday problems opened up the market space for such a service as Fixya. Entrepreneur Yaniv Bensadon set out to create FixYa to fill this gap and to simplify and improve the way consumers can ask their reasonable questions and access well intentioned answers and learn about the products they have bought or are considering buying. And so it became FixYa’s mantra and vision to resolve problems quickly for everything consumers are confronted with by become the bridge to quickly connect people who are unsure with the knowledge of a trusted expert.

With more than three million consumer products in the database, FixYa serves more than twenty million unique visitors per month and both numbers are growing.

Whilst there are no limits on what product type can be queried, the main groups or categories of products consumers are most interested in are mobile phones and all the new models of smart phones and Blackberries on the market, television sets given everything is finally moving to flat screen digital technology now, washing machines has always been a long term favorite, clothes dryers, refrigerators, motor vehicles, digital cameras, lap top computers, motor bikes, and now even snow boards are attracting a great deal of attention. And so with computers and electronics being massive areas of interest, health and beauty products, home and garden appliances, jewelry and watches, office equipment, sports and out doors equipment, tools and hardware products, toys, kids and baby products all play a major role. And all the leading brand names are referenced, including Apple, Brother, Canon, Garmin (for GPS) Kodak, Nokia and Renault just to name a few.

We as consumers are always buying stuff, and we will always be a consumer products driven culture. Yet we cannot rely on the greed of the corporate culture to answer our pre sales questions honestly, and nor can we rely on these big companies to honestly respect our needs when things to go wrong post the purchase of their product lineup. Fixya is an effective solution to the issue of getting timely help when you need it most.