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If the last one hundred years is to be remembered for anything then it will be remembered for the advent of ìconsumerismî, where the middle class was created and then convinced by the power of big businessís market power to convince that we need every new gadget and device that was ever invented and that we are just not worthy if we do not already have it. And not to be outdone by the latest model, we are all brainwashed into abandoning what already works perfectly well to get the latest model of it. Perhaps there is no greater example that the 5th version of the iPhone and the long queues of people sleeping outside of stores so as to be one of the first people to get one; such is the feverish pitch that pervades the mind of the consumer who value themselves by the gadgets that they own. But like all gadgets, the modern consumerism society we find ourselves in must also deal with the cunning of big business which always builds into its marketing model ìplanned obsolescenceî. That is, while it is not difficult to design products to last for even decades, big business can and does make much more money planning for their products to break sooner rather than later. And so it is not just that new features are to be found on newer models, the gadgets we buy are designed to fail so that we must replace them and give more hard earned money to the big business fat cats.

Users Helping Users Save on Repair Bills at Fix Ya

Fix Ya is a web 2.0 online business that seeks to slow down this trend by empowering people to make their own repairs and to solve their own problems with guidance, support and assistance of other members. With more than eleven million members worldwide now, Fix Ya is a user generated support group where a massive array of product groups, each with a massive number of different models covered all can be found in the database and where there has been intelligent and widespread discussion about what can and does go wrong with the specific device, and what can be done about it. Perhaps you are the owner of a gadget that failed you, and that you found smart ways to resolve the problem. This then makes you an expert in that device and you are encouraged to publish your experience so that other members can benefit from what you have learned and know. On the other hand, you may be the not so proud owner of a device that has failed you; in which case you then search the Fix Ya database for smart ways to help your self to getting the gadget fixed. And many users also use the Fix Ya resource to research products they are considering buying either new or second hand before they part with their hard earned money. That is, why buy something if it has an extensive history of failing for many other luckless consumers out there?

An Explosive Success Story Now Accessible with iPohone

And so what started as a good idea has exploded into a very large web site resource where millions of people help themselves and each other by contributing their collective wisdom. And the site now has added iPhone functionality so that you can access this wealth of knowledge and experience even when you are not sitting in front of your computer. And trust me; that can come in very handy and timely when you have broken down by the side of the road because of some simple matter that you could rectify if only you knew where to look for the answers. And so Fix Ya is a social networking web site too; where people to build up their own friends list. That is, many people do become quite fanatical about a particular product or even brand name. And so they develop an affinity for those people who share the same interest in a product model or brand; which all goes to show how powerful and effective the big business marketing campaigns can be.

Uplaod video or Images to Show What you Mean

Navigating around the Fix Ya web site is as you would expect very simple to do. You simply enter the problem you are having with the device name and model you specify, and the Fix Ya will list for you all of the potentially related items they already have on record and it lists them in date order of when they were submitted so that you are always getting the most up to date information that other members have submitted. You will find what you want by sorting through an extensive list of categories, or by using the highly functional search tool. The site is entirely free to use, and joining only requires you to enter the normal details you would expect including email address, password and user name. Many people find it a particularly rewarding experience and so they build up quite a list of their own products and all of the issues they have had to contend with; all of which they can review under their own profile. And often these same people seek out the problems other people are having that have not yet been resolved so far. That is, big business may be a merciless and conspiratous cancer on society, but the consumers out there tend to be a very helpful bunch of people who choose to help because it pleases them to do so. And because often the problem is too difficult to express in words, or the solution is best demonstrated by images or video, the Fix Ya web site provides for people to upload pictures or videos as required. In that sense, a picture truly does save a thousand words, especially because the human is more adapt with vision than with verbal explanations.