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FiveSprockets – Free Online Screenwriting Software

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

As the Internet has exploded into popularity and widespread use over the last twenty years, and even more so in the last fifteen years, the real major trend of the past ten years has been the rapid growth of the social networking concept. When most people think of social networks, names such as MySpace and FaceBook come to mind. And certainly they have made a splash in the market in their own ways. But social networking is far more than younger people posting all their latest images and reaching out to their close circle of friends from school or work and to build up a timeline for their unfolding lives in ways their friends list can know about. Indeed, social networking has far more power and productive value than just being a play thing for kids in that it can also be used to build up virtual communities on any common subject matter all shared by its membership.

FiveSprockets Social Networking and Media Production Software

FiveSprockets is one such example of a social network built around a particular niche of like minded people who use all the power of the Web 2.0 to share their productive capacities. FiveSprockets is a web site based software company and it is based in San Diego, California. With its focus being on developing the software resources for social networking of the community of people interested in and engaged by scriptwriting, film making and digital video production. FiveSprockets is a name derived from the five pillars of media production; namely story development and scriptwriting, pre-production, production, post production, and marketing and distribution. When the Chief Executive Randy Ullrich launched the business in 2007, it was because saw the need to provide the software resource of a web based collaborative suite of tools needed by people for them to be able to reach out and connect in meaningful ways; networking with each other so as to be more productive. When FiveSprockets launched its first release in beta form in September 2008, it had an initial focus on social networking together with educational content; that is, a web site based software solution for screenwriting and production management.

And so was born the FiveSprockets “Virtual Production Studio”, which includes the ideas module, the vScripter virtual scripter, vProductionOffice virtual production office, a job noticeboard, and the social networking and community components to glue it all together.

The FiveSprockets Ideas module is where all budding creators can store all of their raw ideas which perhaps span across several different types of ideas; perhaps reflecting thoughts on characters or different chapters in the story being conceived. When the ideas have been sufficiently fleshed out, the creator can then begin using the vScripter software, which is a web based story development and scriptwriting software tool that makes script writing much easier. Purpose built to serve the needs story developers and scriptwriters; it enables the writer or a team of writers to collect metadata about each component of a story and to manage multiple stories. As such, vScripter supports a variety of different media project format types including screenplays and Sitcom (situation comedies), television dramas, stage plays, audio and radio plays and comic books. And because there are acceptable standards for the formatting of scripts, vScripter’s scriptwriting editor understands and is required to comply with the industry standards. In essence, scriptwriting software is like an advanced version of a word processing package, in the way it handles automatic completion of typing words and writing accelerators to rely on using the tab key when suggested words are displayed for the writer to select from.
Added to this concept of an advanced word processor, vScripter‘s ability to store log line, tagline, treatment information as metadata about the story is an essential piece of kit. Similar also to word processors is vScripter’s ability to allow the writer to share his work with others in a variety of mode conditions, including read only as well as track edits if write privileges were extended to another person.

Import and Export between vScripter and other applications works generally quite well, with the formatting carrying forward in most situations. The RTF standard is used for moving from one application to another and vScripter exports to RTF, PDF, and HTML formats.

FiveSprockets Integrated with ProtectRite Registry

The Intellectual Property Rights of all creative works and scripts is of paramount importance, and by means of a partnership with ProtectRite, vScripter can access the writers account directly from within the application to register their newly created work to gain the full protection of ProtectRite’s creative registry.
When the script is finalized, or near to completion, vProductionOffice application within FiveSprockets can be used; it being a web enabled production management software tool.

vProductionOffice handles a breakdown of the script when the user runs the application’s wizard, which walks the user through the process of separating the various scenes and listing the characters in each, as well as the twelve point five per cent levels of each scene so that they can be scheduled for a filming date with the necessary personnel notified by the system to contribute their part when and where they will be needed.
The storyboarding feature provides the user with the ability to create storyboards scene by scene and it even comes with an animated viewer so that the progressive work can be viewed scene by scene. So in essence e the whole thing comprises project management functionality, especially when it comes to selecting the human resources for the cast and crew which would typically and logically be sourced from the membership of FiveSprockets.

And so FiveSprockets includes its Job Board for the recruitment of talented people able to collaborate on projects across the full spectrum of disciplines. Positions ranging from actors, directors, and producers through to line producers, script supervisors, key grips and assistant directors can all find new projects to bid for on the Job Board within FiveSprockets.

FiveSprockets most especially includes its social networking features. This enables all users to build on their user profiles and to notify of project showcasing. Naturally it is used by members for building contacts and internal messaging; and often people discover each other through the forum.