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The sad history of the human race is that it has always been about government, big business and religion that has tried to control the masses with the rule of laws made by inept government after they have been subjected to the massive lobbying budgets of corporate America or the threats made upon us of eternal damnation for not obeying some arbitrary moral value laid down by a Church. The modern history of the human race as it is being written now is being fired by virtue of the Internet, where we are all allowed to be individuals and are permitted to pander to our own ideas of what niche information and entertainment suits our mind and when and where it will suit us to get involved.

Democratic politics has always failed people by averaging down societies decisions to the lowest/dumbest level denominator; whereas the Internet allows all people to find their own individual level. Both the Neanderthal red neck and the rocket or genetic scientist are all fully served what they want when they want it by the Internet, and the greatest boon to this has been the advent of the social networking platform that has exploded into prominence over the past ten years. The politically blinded as well as the fundamentalist religious zealot will both find in their little corners of the Internet a suitable social network for their rants and ravings.

FilmCrave is the Social Network for Movie Buffs

FilmCrave on the other hand is an online social network for movie lovers that allows each user to write their own movie reviews for the benefit of other members. FilmCrave is a meeting place for them to share movie lists and to watch movie trailers as well as to interact with the movie loving community of other members. FilmCrave was founded in 20007 by three college friends, and after six months of development, it was launched in August of that year. It is now privately owned and funded by ImaJAN Media LLC of Missouri.

The general idea is that registered members of FilmCrave rate movies on a scale started at 0.5 up to 4.0 using stars as the ranking symbol, and the average total ranking achieved across a large audience determines the overall ranking of each movie to guide future movie watchers what to expect. The FilmCrave system allows registered users to also add the movies of their choice to specific lists such as the “Top Movie of All time” or “Top Action Film”, and it is the user rankings of these lists go towards formulating FilmCrave’s “Top Movie” lists. And the FilmCrave web site does distinguish between DVD and Blu-ray releases so that people can check the Blu-Ray list for top movies while ignoring DVD lists

Generally speaking, the FilmCrave web site has been very well received by industry pundits. Some have compared it to being like an alternative to FaceBook; but the majority have extolled its virtues as a social network for movie buffs who will find the web site very easy to use, that its greatest asset is its simplicity. One thing is for certain, the people will always have a deep and abiding love for watching movies, and so we can expect the FilmCrave web site to grow and prosper over the future decades, conceivably to the extent in the future of being able to watch any movie released on DVD or Blu Ray formats on a watch on demand, pay per view basis given the ever increasing broadband Internet speeds and the large registered user base of FilmCrave. That is, surely the programming owners and networks will see the merits of such a revenue sharing arrangement as similar to the in house movie watching systems found in most hotels around the world.

FilmCrave is About Ranking Movies on DVD and Blu Ray

FilmCrave does have a forum for discussion of different entertainment topics, but it is still in its infancy given it has less than three thousand topic posts. Busier forums in other niches of have millions of posts, and so FilmCrave will no doubt grow this side of its social network.

In order to garner some measure of loyalty and user input, FilmCrave maintains a member’s register of points that members have gained by writing movie reviews and participating in lists. Only time will tell if members respond to this method recognition or not.

The FilmCrave movie blog can be interesting reading, where the editors bring to you the latest news on new movie openings, and how well they have fared at the box office as well as what movies have now been launched on DVD or Blu Ray.

At the end of the day, we are all different and have different tastes in what appeals to us. Generally men prefer a different genre of movie than women, and kids open up an entirely new set of niches which may or may not appeal to us adults. And so it follows that one person’s ideas for a great movie list will only suit a percentage of other members out there in the wild and bore other market segments to tears. Having said that, when we do find a movie list that is an exact match to what we also like, it follows that we have met someone online who could become a great friend, simply because we enjoy the same interests and tastes in entertainment values.

And so it also follows that the movie production houses can learn a great deal from FilmCrave and its lists of what people favor and want more of. It makes sense that film makers want to satisfy the largest market segment at the least cost and business risk to themselves, while having regards to their own inherent skill sets and interests. When they identify a niche that they can competently produce new product, and after seeing that this niche is well received, it must give the film maker more confidence to proceed.