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Before there was the internet and the broadband speeds that followed became available, many industries were subjected to massive delays and additional costs in order to get their jobs done. Most notably where the printing and graphics design and engineering and drafting industries because of the massive computer files they would be working with and have to courier around to other parties for collaboration and or approval from clients before proceeding. And this problem was even more exacerbated when dealing with national or international trading partners and clients. And while the internet sought to change all of that, there were still the impediments of big business controlling organizations like Hotmail which set strict limits on the size of email attachments. Indeed, there were limitations with the technology that caused some of these limitations because the email protocol technology got confused when handling when handling files that measured into the hundreds of megabytes and even gigabytes.

All of this gave rise to more stable technologies like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is a stable technology for uploading large files and it is especially useful because if it loses the connection, FTP knows where to restart the transfer of the file without having to start all over again. And so we soon had new organizations emerge to take advantage of the millions of users needing at least temporary file storage capacity; the most famous of which have been MegaUpload and RapidShare. Of course such storage capacity can have many uses, not the least being the sharing of movies that could easily be copyright protected in law. And we all know intolerant American big business is when it comes to someone not paying for their copyrighted products, so it should come as no surprise that MegaUpload at least for the time being has been shut down with arrest warrants issued for the owners of that web site.

That issue aside, free online file storage continues to be at the heart of the brave new world of the Internet. By allowing both home users and businesses alike to embrace the concepts of the Virtual Office and Cloud Computing, people have never been so free and empowered to get on with their lives without having to continually feed the mega business models of the likes of Microsoft. The twenty first century has already seen the masses sharing ever more information and the internet now measures more than fifteen billion web pages, with millions more added every day. In addition to this, the Internet is also filled with music, books, documents, software and videos all designed to be accessible with a click of the mouse upon demand.

FileDropper is Head and Shoulders Above its Competition

Moore’s Law where computing capacity and speed doubles on average every eighteen months while halving its cost has been a tremendous bonus; yet the need has continued to grow for people to be able to store in the Internet cloud files away from their own computer so that they can be retrieved later as a back up, or accessed by others privy and permitted to access them.

FileDropper has been created to be part of this solution. It is a free to use file storage system and web site, where users create their account and upload whatever they want up to a limit of five gigabytes for a free user account. They then get a private and confidential link to this file which they can share with others or alternatively retain for themselves for when they need to recover the file for themselves.

With FileDropper, Off Site Backup Has Never Been Easier or Safer and its Free

FileDropper is a high speed solution born out of the frustration of people have needed such a system that was free of all the time wasting frustration of competing sites which traditionally make users wait thirty seconds before downloads begin so as to push people towards getting a paid account.

The files users upload are kept indefinitely, unless they haven’t ever been downloaded once in the proceeding thirty days; in which case yes they will be deleted. This limitation of course does not apply to premium accounts. The beauty of FileDropper is its simplicity and ease of use. The terms of its service are fair and easy to understand, and you are not drowned in a sea of advertising either. The business is all about high speed upload and downloading and with no delays in the middle. It is the perfect solution for providing off site remote back up data services, perhaps even on a daily basis where yesterday’s data is trashed and a new FTP session of today’s latest data replaces it quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps you are going to reinstall your operating system and applications but you have several gigabytes of data files to worry about. FileDropper is perfect for this situation to, because you simply upload the data files to your free account, and then download them again after your computer has been formatted and all your programs reinstalled.

The process is not complicated at all and anyone can do it with ease. The home page itself is the upload page and it also has all your download options as well. It is a simple matter to go to the home page and click on the link for uploading. Then simply follow your nose with the instructions and your files are all set to upload. At the end of the process, you’ll have a simple link to keep for yourself or to share with anyone you want. You can also use some very simple privacy settings to lock away your files as strictly private. There are no distractions, because advertising is minimal and always out of the way. It is a very easy to navigate web site, crisp and clear of all clutter. And so if your needs are for the longer term, or just to satisfy a short term need, FileDropper is head and shoulders above the competition.