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FaxZero – Free Internet Faxing

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Before the Internet and everyone having email, business went all crazy about using fax machines to send written information between businesses, and while they are not obsolete it will not be long before they are sitting next to dinosaurs in museums with little kids asking their parents “what is that funny looking machine”? In their day, fax machines did serve a useful purpose by providing instant delivery of draft contracts, purchase orders, or a reasonable quality facsimile of any document and they for example where very useful for broadcasting out wanted posters for known felons to thousands of Police stations around America. And while web sites and emails can do the job faster, with the killing of fewer trees in the process, there are still instances and situations where faxes are in use. That is, there are still some places where there is no internet access, and only a fax machine sitting on the end of a plain old telephone service (POTS) line.

FaxZero is a Free, No Nonsense Basic Fax Sending Service for the Occasion it May Be needed

FaxZero is a novel service in the sense that it is an advertising supported but free to use bare bones fax service. FaxZero has only limited options for receiving faxes or for sending faxes from smart phones or iPhones or other mobile devices because of limitations with the Safari Mobile web browser being incapable of supporting “file upload” functions. Users should install the Opera Mini or mobile browser to solve this problem.

However, as long as the fax you wish to send is less than three pages long and there is no intention to send more than two faxes per day, FaxZero is free to use and it does not require any type of signing up process other than you having a valid email address. It is simple to use. From their web site, a sender just needs enter their contact information and the fax number the document is to be sent to. After that, simply upload the document to be faxed, and this can be in a wide variety of document formats including PDF and spreadsheet form.

Generally speaking, FaxZero will send the fax in a matter of two to three minutes and the process is confirmed to be completed when the user gets a confirmation it has been sent by an email. A test of the system demonstrates that the entire process takes under three minutes from the time of clicking send to the time the recipient has the document on their fax machine and the sender has the confirmation email. It is all very simple, free (to the United States and Canada), bare bones and no nonsense.

The downside comes if you need to receive faxes in return, in which case FaxZero is useless for your needs. And if you do need to send more than the maximum of two faxes a day, then you will be charged at the rate of two dollars per fax. Faxes that are longer than the allowed three page limit also attract this two dollars charge. International faxes will cost even more again, but often they have a fifteen page limit, and many International destinations are in fact not expensive at all.

All in all, the FaxZero service does make greater sense than owning and operating a fax machine itself. Many people who see a business with a fax number will shy away from that business as being out of date with modern technology and perhaps should not be entrusted with any needs of the modern world. While buying a fax machine these days is for now very cheap to do, owning and maintaining one and the phone line it needs all seems very wasteful when most of us can’t remember ever seeing a business that still bothers with this legacy technology. And so if in some rare instance that a fax does need to be sent, then FaxZero will get the job done quickly and efficiently. At the back end, it is all handled with computers, and so there is no need to worry that confidentiality is somehow breached – humans never see the document and it is destroyed after sending.

Advertising on the FaxZero Web Site Covers the Cost

The free faxes sent do carry the FaxZero logo, which is not general advertising per se. In fact the company makes its money from the web site advertising that it carries, not from advertising delivered in the fax itself.

Should any user need additional services not provided by FaxZero, they will be happy to refer you to more up market fax sending and receiving services that are not so bare boned in their approach to servicing the market. MyFax would be one such offering that provides a feature rich fax service, but it does come at a price of monthly subscription and usage fees when you exceed the quota limits on the plan you choose.

All in all though, given the almost complete obsolescence of fax machines, the FaxZero will meet the needs of most people in the business world. It is not a guaranteed delivery service. In fact FaxZero will try on five occasions to get through to the destination number supplied and then it will drop it from the queue. All the usual problems will still occur as if you had a real fax machine yourself. That is, trying to end scanned documents may or may not arrive at their destination with the clarity and tone that you had hoped for and given that FaxZero is a free service, there are no quality guarantees implied or expressed.

Most people will have no problems as long as they stick to the quota limits and provided that they submit accurate calling numbers and a valid email address for the confirmation receipt. The service can handle multiple attachments or the one document that is up to three pages in size. Because it handles most document formats, this should present users with any problems.