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FastMail.FM – Secure and Reliable Email Environment

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One of the greatest benefits of the Internet has been the rise in popularity of email, and how widely it is not in use around the world. In fact the email system of the Internet has been so pervasive that we could be forgiven for believing that all Post Offices would be bankrupt by now; yet this is far from true and further from the point.

There are massive email services held tightly by the big players like Hotmail’s ownership by Microsoft. And as is always the case, these large multi national businesses complete stymy creative development and they always reduce services to the lowest minimum standard only suitable for the dumbest users there are. Hotmail for example has done nothing to develop email further or to make it safer in any way since the day that Microsoft took it over. In fact it is true to say that Microsoft have denigrated the service significantly with their non intelligent spam filtering systems that disrupt email flows more than they filter them and they have proved they cannot even maintain a server network to operate without unnecessary overloads. This is why all the web sites we sign up for suggest that we look in our spam folders for the confirmation emails we are expecting, because Hotmail under Microsoft’s ownership routinely trashes what we are waiting for, and often delays email we should receive instantly for five to seven hours. End of rant about how useless big business is at running innovative businesses.

FastMail.FM is a Top Shelf Security Conscious Email Services Provider for When Performance Matters
FastMail.FM is at the exact opposite extreme in that it is a long since recognized pioneer and innovator when it comes to email services and it is offered by the Messaging Engine company of inner city Melbourne suburb of Parkville, Victoria in Australia. It maintains is bank of servers in New York City and runs a backup set of servers from their facility in Norway.

When FastMail.FM was first established in 1999, from the outset it was intended for the service to differentiate itself by providing rich feature sets that were simply not available from others in the market place. That is, FastMail.FM had always intended to position itself as a premium supplier of email services which the most robust and secure. Their services included the ease of use and the highest speed of email delivery. Email transport and access can take many forms and rely on many alternative technologies and protocols. For example, people who use Microsoft’s Outlook today are most likely using the POP3 (Post Office Protocol) for accessing their email and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending their emails. Whereas services such as Hotmail and Yahoo mail are using HTML mail so that they access it through the web page interface.

FastMail.FM made great use of the lesser used IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for deeper security of otherwise text email systems long before Microsoft even knew what they were. While Microsoft was trying to sort out its direction in the Internet still trying to control, own and dominate it while it was still fumbling the ball trying to get a web browser that didn’t crash computers, FastMail.FM was busy and active providing real support and it did so with an independent public forum and its wiki among its user support options.

Eventually the rest of the industry did catch up with many of the innovations like IMAP and SSL and over the first years of the twenty first century, these features that FastMail.FM had become highly respected for became commonplace in the industry. But features such as secure LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and WebDAV, as well as opportunistic inter server encryption systems, and reliability by means of minimizing all single points of failure, as well as introducing highly customizable filtering mechanisms via Sieve are the current differentiators. That is, FastMail.FM continues to be an innovator of substance and at the very least has the best of all breeds on the market.

FastMail.FM Are Active Innovators Always Pushing the Envelope

The FastMail.FM site developers are among the most active of all contributors to the widely-used Cyrus IMAP open source software project. And their development team includes the head developer and of the Perl module Mail::IMAPTalk. Perl is a fast and lean computer programming language that doesn’t suffer the same kludge or overhead as windows type programming languages suffer from.

FastMail.FM offers both free and paid for email accounts. For individuals and organizational accounts, there are varying price structures depending on the user’s needs and complexity and the plan they opt for. FastMail is widely praised for providing “two factor login” using a YubiKey. This security feature is the safest to use because it generates single use passwords making the system the safest to use on public machines which may or may not have a key stroke logger installed on them.

There will always be the mega sized multi national firms that are too fat and bureaucratic to be innovative and they will always dumb down their product offerings to be suitable to the widest mass market to the great detriment of the astute and professional user having the most demanding security and performance needs. And thankfully, there will always be the lean and efficient professional businesses like FastMail.FM where the beauty of performance and functionality continues to be the envelope they keep pushing to find and do what can possibly be done. It is through the innovations of teams like that at FastMail.FM that give us the relatively safe and secure email systems we have all come to know love so much.

If your business ever has any security issues or reasons to be concerned about unauthorized access to the company email system, then it is a company like FastMail.FM that you must be consider for a safe, secure and high performance email system that is bomb proof and impervious to outside attacks.