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Share Your Style and Fashion With Fashiolista

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If fashion is a passion for you as it is for many ladies out there, how are you expressing that passion? If you have not found an outlet to ensure that people get to feel that vibe coming from you, then you can be sure you are wasting that passion. When you need an online community where fashion buffs can let off steam in style, then you are talking about Fashiolista. Although it is an online community, you can feel the vibe from Fashiolista virtual miles away with its teeming population of fashion and style lovers who cannot seem to get enough of sharing their fashion findings with fellow community members. Almost every minute, new stuff are being added by excited people, eager to share what they just found, talk and blog about it.

Cost of Using Fashiolista

Fashiolista’s booming community of fashion and style influencers and taste makers is one of the most attractive destinations for individuals and propositions for businesses/brands. Hanging out with the ideal demographics to inspire and engage is too tempting an opportunity to be passed up.

When singing up to use Fashiolista as an individual, it is free and also free for you to use. However, Fashiolista reserves special packages for the businesses and brands who wish to engage Fashiolista community members. There are no explicit price packages attached but then, the Fashiolista Brand Relations Team is always eager to hear from businesses in order to determine how they can help. Here are a few reasons why Fashiolista offers such great opportunities for brands and businesses:

  • High Number of registered users: Fashiolista boasts of about 1,5000,000 members in its community. This number of dedicated and passionate fashion and style lovers is hard to ignore.
  • High Monthly Visits: There are about 3,000,000 unique visits logged by the Fashiolista website each month. Again, this is an indication of a thriving community.
  • Large Number of Bloggers: There are about fashion 50,000 bloggers using Fashiolista and considering that these are influencers, they present a huge opportunity.
  • Massive Addiction to Online Shopping: Surveys have shown that about 90% of young ladies prefer to do their shopping online.

Signing Up To Join Fashiolista

Joining Fashiolista ensures that you can unlock many of the amazing features it has to offer such as owning your own profile page and building a followership as well as following others. Signing up is very easy and you actually have two options in doing this; you can either sign up using your Facebook account or using your email account. First, you navigate to the website at and on the homepage, you will find the Sign Up link at the top of the page just beside the Login link.

If you choose to sign up using your Facebook account, simply click on the appropriate button and a small login window pops up requesting you to login to your Facebook account. After doing this, you will be notified that Fashiolista wishes to connect with you and also informed of the limits of access Fashiolista will have to your account. If you wish to proceed, simply click the ‘Okay’ button to complete the process.

If you prefer to sign up using your email address, click on the ‘Sign Up Manually’ button to display a small window with an embedded sign-up form. There are three fields with required information including your Username, Email address and Password. Once you fill these in, click the ‘Create Your Profile’ button to complete the process.

Fun Stuff And Benefits of Fashiolista

Fashiolista maintains a high level of buzz and this is mainly due to the constant interaction between the community members as well as the fact that there is genuine intent to share fashion and style findings. There are some general things that people on Fashiolista do regularly and passionately. This makes the community really special. Here they are:

  • Discovery: This is at the heart of the Fashiolista experience. You can only share that which you have found and the only way to this, is to go explore and discover. Fashiolista community members simply love to get out there and explore to their hearts content then they handpick stuff they have fallen on love with and places where they have found really cool fashion stuff. When you browse Fashiolista, what you see is beautiful, scintillating, trendy and superbly cool fashion stuff and shops discovered by other users.
  • Build a List: How else would others see the stuff you love? Once you discover that item you love, the next step is for you to show just how much you love it by adding it to your profile. This is easily done. Simply use the hover your cursor over it and press the heart icon. It is that easy to add that item to your profile and show some love for it. This way, others know that you are rooting for that item.
  • Follow Other Users: It is, after all, a social community and one that thrives on people following each other for updates on discoveries and interests. Within the Fashiolista community, you will find people whose style you love, brands that connect with your passion and bloggers who speak your fashion dialect. When you find these, simply follow them. You will see how fast your fashion feed fills up and how fast you will also attract other followers as they see just how classy you are too.
  • Add Fashion Items Automatically: How do you show some love to something you just discovered, whether it is an item, a shop or even a blog? Fashiolista has a tool which is actually a bookmarklet, with which you can automatically add anything of interest to you. It is appropriately shaped like a heart so go ahead and show lots of love!
  • Show Some Inspiration: The buzz around Fashiolista is created by the high intensity of inspiration coming from individual users. Fashiolista has a treasure trove of widgets that help you do amazing things and reap awesome rewards such as gaining more followers and ramping up traffic especially if you have a blog.