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Farmerama – Online Games

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Gaming has been one of the huge booms spawned by the Internet because communities of people are able to come together online and collaborate or compete with games of their choice. And Farmerama is one such game that has grown a very large following with its browser based platform that requires no installation of software. Users simply go to the web site, create their account and the game is played using Internet Explorer, Fire Fox or other preferred we browser. It’s all about playing in a country side setting, rather than a city type life. And so users get to play at planting crops in the fields and to raise virtual animals while trading with their neighbors. It is all about community, where most people choose to run their farm with the help of their friends; though users are also free to operate their farm alone as they see fit to do so. All choices are catered for.

And to add authenticity to the experience, Farmerama is rich with barnyard sounds will users play in the animal world of their virtual farmyard. And there is no shortage of other farmers to interact with in the community and chat sections of the web site; that’s what farmers do when they tend to their land and livestock. And so the goal is to make the best of life, producing the healthiest herd of cattle and growing the richest crop or orchard harvest and to grow a steady cash flow from a customer base developed over time. It is about the simple life, and of strong neighborly values. About respecting nature and living in harmony. And so most users begin with their own farm house with a mill and a barn and then the work of developing the farm begins.

Farmerama is a Social Gaming Experience the Whole Family Can Play

Farmerama has many levels, and each new levels gains the user access to an increasing range of livestock and potential produce. The barn is where all feed, animals and trees are stored and the mill is where feed is produced for the livestock. Irrigation is handled from water stored in the water tower, and from time to time people will ring the door bell so that they can trade with you; which keeps the cash flow moving and continuing growth of the farm.

Sometimes users will interact with the city for supplies of seed, seedlings and trees and where many users can trade their produce at the farmer’s market. While in town, users can visit the post office to send out their parcels, do their banking and to do any other shopping they may need. And members can also become premium users where additional services are available and people can put their farm on display for others to visit and rate.
And so Farmerama is very much a social game and it is similar to Farmville. Getting more than four hundred thousand players online daily, it is a proven winner with its popularity with the young and old; truly a game the whole family can play growing their farm over the medium to long term. In fact it has more than thirty million registered users worldwide, communicating in thirty languages.

Farmerama is About Land Care, Environmentally Friendly Respect for Nature

And so each player starts out with a simple farm. This farm can be expanded and customized over time to give the player a lot of flexibility on how and where they lay out their animal pens and crops. By using accumulated farm profits, additional resources can be purchased and in the early stages, players can use real money to invest in their infrastructure; it is all up to each player to decide. The land must be prepared ready for seeding the crops. The crops can be grown faster and to a more plentiful harvest with irrigation and manure added during the growing phase. And after harvest time, the produce can be sold profitably at the grower’s market in the city to begin the cycle again, perhaps with new crop and animal varieties as wealth is accumulated. Adding neighbors is always smart because neighbors can help players and trade with each other. Often people collaborate and help each other at harvest and seeding times.

Farmerama Teaches Community Values and Economic Prosperity to Kids

There are concepts like the Green Meadow which can be gradually unlocked when players rise through the many levels. By adding neighbors, more of the Green Meadow is unlocked and maybe used for grazing livestock. Similarly, The Park is a locked area that cannot be unlocked until level twenty five. And so the game encourages you to reach out to others and to progress through the levels. It is not about racing to the end; rather it is about learning and growing in a relaxed country environment, making friends and trading with each other while finding peace and harmony in the countryside life style.

And as you would expect from a community of thirty million users, four hundred thousand of them logging on each day there are some extremely wealthy and highly developed farms on Farmerama that have benefited from the dedicated game play over the long term. It is all about the journey and the experience of playing than some end goal destination. And it is played so that people can make friends and build relationships that may even transcend the online gaming environment, given that many neighbors in the real world choose Farmerama as a meeting place online to have some fun. Not only is Farmerama a game the whole family can play, it teaches tolerance and respect, strong neighborly values and a sense of community which is all too lacking in the normal fast pace of city life. With Farmerama, it is especially kids who get a through grounding in respecting the environment and animals, learning how things grow to become our foods rather than thinking that there is only the supermarket.