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FaceItPages – Facebook Fan Pages for Lead Generation

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FaceBook has been a phenomenal success story, with its roots in the campus accommodations of Harvard University to now be handling more than half a billion Facebook accounts and with a one hundred and nine billion dollar initial public offering of its shares in 2012. More than just a social networking site to be bigger than all other social networking web sites, and FaceBook’s viral spread to become so large in only eight years, FaceBook is now a serious business for many application developers, Internet marketers and other professionals that have entered the space to show people how to maximize their FaceBook presence. Millions of businesses now see having a fan page for their business as being an essential and integral part of their total marketing plan. Many other businesses devote all of their entire marketing energy to their presence on FaceBook to the exclusion of all other choices. Even the advertisers on FaceBook swear by the targeted nature of their advertising given the demographics information they have available to choose from when targeting their campaigns. And Google’s founders have been quoted as saying that only FaceBook is of any concern to their own continued meteoric rise to the dizzy heights of empire control and dominance.

The reality is that if you own a business or a brand, run and organization, are a blogger, freelancer, or entrepreneur then you should consider it imperative not only have a Facebook Fan Page, but to have the best of breed one that you can achieve. FaceBook has now got tens of millions of people connecting every day, and so it stands to reason that it be used to its fullest leverage to promote a brand and connect with the right audience.

FaceItPages is a Web Site Service that Helps You Design the Best FaceBook Fan Page Possible

FaceItPages is a specialist web site business that targets those professionals who want to maximize the opportunity for their FaceBook presence. Setting up an account is simple and straight forward, and new users are guided through a simple step by step process to create an engaging Fan Page design. It all takes about ten minutes to do. Opening the account can be done for free, and paid for plans with more features begin at eight dollars depending on what additional services you elect to have. It is all about added features and applications to your fan page to engage them sufficiently that they “like’ your page and to make this somewhat easier to do, FaceItPages has a module that allows you to have one look for those who yet to like your fan page, and another look with different content for those who have. They call it “Fan Gate”.

One of the benefits of the FaceItPages web site is that it integrates with your FaceBook account, and so when you have your fan page design just how you like it, all you need to do is click the “install” button, and FaceItPages will upload it seamlessly to your FaceBook account.

A particularly powerful feature of FaceItPages is their reports and tracking application which gives you tremendous feedback about the activity on your fan page and it reports show Page tab views, the links that were clicked on the email leads you have received from your Page tabs and much more information depending on the level of premium service you have opted for and all of this information is available when you log in to your member account.

You Will Get Up To Eighty Percent “Likes” from visitors to Your FaceItPages Fan Page Design

The heart and main focus of FaceItPages is for people helping themselves with FaceBook Fan Page designs, using all of the tools of the FaceItPages system. The extra value comes from all of the analytics information and reports that are available for the modest premium plan fees payable. To add that extra wow factor, the Fan gate option and the twenty different Timeline templates offered by FaceItPages put it head and shoulders above the alternatives and expense of hiring professional designers to undertake a similar process. What can be done in minutes for free or just a few dollars depending on the options you wish to add stands in stark contrast to the cost of hiring a dedicated designer to labor over your Fan Page project with all the back and forth discussions as you try to covey to the designer what you really want to achieve.

By adding potentially a large number of applications to your fan page, you will quickly have built an enticing and memorable FaceBook Fan Page design that will get the highest number of “Likes” imaginable. These applications could include embedding video from your YouTube account or embedding a website, running competitions, offering coupons or promotional incentives, email and contact information collection forms of course, integration with your blog feed or Twitter account and all manner of other social networking and book marking sites which all bring the big guns to bare on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings and getting your business the highest search engine rankings that are possible for your niche.

FaceItPages has a large number of tutorials to help you get started and on your way. In many instances these won’t be necessary because their web site is so well laid out that everything is seemingly easy to find and use right out of the box.

And as you would expect, everything is already smart phone and iPhone friendly so that the hundreds of millions of users can access you Fan Page from their mobile, internet connected devices with a minimum of fuss and effort. And as an added service, FaceItPages can guide and assist you to promote your fan page by running highly targeted advertising campaigns on FaceBook, which has truly low costs per click and campaigns often find extremely high click through rates. It has been reported that up to eighty percent of clicks result in “Likes” when the Fan Page has been created with FaceItPages.