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Facebook Addiction

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Facebook AddictionWhat makes Facebook so addicting for countless people? Are there really any benefits associated with the social media giant? While Facebook can be a fun and entertaining form of community, it also has the dark potential of eating away valuable hours of a person’s life. Most would not be willing to admit the amount of time they spend on Facebook, but the trail of condemning evidence is openly posted all over their “wall” with quiz results, exchanges of random gifts, photos, surveys, comments, etc.

Grant it, the pros of utilizing Facebook in your life can be enormous. From landing a new job to meeting your future spouse, the possibilities are endless. Connecting with old friends and acquaintances is the primary reason most people create a Facebook profile. Other reasons include networking with like minded individuals, marketing, strengthening family relationships, and just plain fun.

But when does the Facebook “fun” exceed its usefulness in life? Countless hours are too often wasted by the habitual logging in the site as soon as one is connected to the Internet. Features are now available to access your account and receive notifications directly to your cell phone, making Facebook even less than a click away! Addiction? Perhaps, but for most it is simply the habit of logging on continuously without thought as soon as work is done (or in many cases, not). And it also seems to be driven by the fear of “missing out” on something important. Supposed boredom has been known to be a culprit of wasted time as well.

In any case, most will agree that social media in general has become a significant part of their life. And many wish it wasn’t.

So how do you begin moving away from the excitement of constant connection with hundreds of “friends” and become a more productive citizen once again? Rediscover yourself! Find the passions and hobbies you once enjoyed. Research a completely new subject. Or turn off the computer and television, get comfortable and read a book.

As you start to reach out beyond the fantasies of such as Facebook, you will once again find the productiveness and pleasures of a balanced and well rounded life.

Author: Sarah Elisabeth