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Tips for Using the Evite System

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Are you having a party? How do you ensure that the party will become a blast? It’s by having people attend your party! In the first place how will you enjoy a party all by yourself? So the first thing you have to do is to invite these people that will make the party an affair to remember. This time let’s do it in a high-tech mode, no more invitation cards and mailing. I’d like to share with you Evite.

What is Evite?

Evite is an online tool that lets you create and send invitations in just a few easy steps. You just have to register and then you can simply follow the instructions on the site to send your first invitation. You’ll be given different options to choose from and invitations are categorized so you don’t get lost in finding the perfect invitation for the occasion.

How to Register and Use Evite?

Step One: Navigate to and click on the word Register. You will be directed to the Registration page. You have an option to connect using Facebook by clicking the Connect with Facebook button. This makes the registration faster, no need to provide information. Or if you don’t want to connect using Facebook, you just have to provide basic information such as First Name, Last Name, Gender, Country, Zip Code, Email Address and Password.
You have an option to have your login details remembered by ticking on the Remember Me checkbox. You also have an option to select the second checkbox if you would like to receive special offers, party secrets and gift ideas from Evite.
Click Create My Account & Get Started button.

Step Two: Upon registration, you’ll be directed to the home page where you can see the Create an Invitation button. Click that button to get started. You’ll see different categories to choose from: Featured, Seasonal, Birthdays, Babies & Kids, Parties, Occasions, Weddings and Cards. You may also use Filtering option to filter as follows: Free, Premium and Photo.

Free option will allow you to choose which among the pre-designed invitations you would want to send to your guests. Each category has several free designs you can choose from.

Premium option will allow you to design and customize your own invitation when it comes to colors and formatting, but since this is premium you have to pay for your invitations.

Photo option will allow you to upload a photo on your invitation to make it more personal.

Step Three: After selecting the design you want to use for your invitation, you have to enter the following required information: Event Title, Host, Start Date and Time. Be sure to make your event title catchy to arouse your guests’ attention. Host is defaulted to your name as used in the registration form but you can still edit and put another name.
Other details you may add are the following: Phone, Location, Address, End Time and Message. The message will appear when your invitation is sent to your guests.

Additional options are available to personalize your invitation:

  • RSVP Style – You may use default RSVP style or choose from different styles or write your own. This one is really cool and adds flare to your invitation.
  • Notifications – You have an option to receive notifications when your guests respond to your invite or when they comment to your invitation.
  • Hide Guest List – You also have an option to hide the guest list wherein you as the host will be the only one to see the list. This is an option you can choose if you want to add mystery to your party.
  • Gifting Options – You have an option to allow your guests to send gifts through Evite for this event. This is a good feature that shows you that Evite is not just a site to create invitations, you as a guest can also send gifts through Evite.
  • Donation Options – If you opt to have your guests send donations to your favorite charity as their gift to you, you can also set it up here. You can find your charity, select it and your friends will know that you prefer to have them donate than give you a gift. But if they want to do both, then that’s awesome!

Once you’re done with the different options you can click Continue button to see a preview of your invitation. If you want to make some changes you may click the Back to Edit Details button.

Step Four: There are different ways of adding your guests, you may choose to Use Your Evite Contacts, Import Contacts, Upload CSV or Enter Email Address.
Evite Contacts is a feature where you can create a contact list and it will be easier to invite your guests on your next event.

Import Contacts lets you import contacts from your Gmail, YahooMail or Outlook Contacts. This is another quick step to select your guests and ensure that no one is left behind from your guest list.

Upload CSV allows you to use and upload in Evite an existing database of contacts.

Entering Email Address one-by-one is the traditional option to do if you don’t have the above-mentioned contacts list.

Once you’re sure that your guest list is complete, just click on the Finish & Send button and Voila! Your invitation is sent to your guests! You also get a confirmation email that your invitation has been sent.

Step Five: You can manage your invitation by logging into Evite. You’ll see your upcoming event on the home page, click on the event and you’ll have different information about your invite.
You will see who among your guests had already accepted or declined your invite and who hasn’t replied yet. You can interact with your guests as you can view and reply to their comments. Your guests can also interact with one another as well if you haven’t hidden the guest list. You can create a poll for your guests to answer, like what type of food and drinks they prefer or if they have allergies, etc. If you are having a potluck, you can use Evite to ask your guests what to bring and it will be visible to other guests so they would know what else they can bring to the party. You can upload photos as teasers for the upcoming event. During the event itself, you can also upload photos so that latecomers would know what they have been missing. And of course, after the event, you can use Evite to post pictures of what happened. This is another way of interacting with your guests even after the event.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Use Social Media
Aside from using Facebook to register and sign in to Evite you can also invite Facebook Friends in just one click with the Select Facebook Friends button available during the Add Guests step. You can also share your invitation to your Twitter followers by clicking Post to Twitter button.

Tip #2: Open Invitation
If you want to invite a large number of people to attend open houses, church gatherings, fundraisers and more you can do so without entering guests’ email addresses through Evite’s Open Invitation option. You can share the open invitation link through email blast, social media or other promotional materials. The link is available during the Add Guests step. Your guests will be able to go to your invitation and they can add themselves to the guest list so you can keep an RSVP count.

Tip # 3: Gifting Options
You can add a gift registry for wedding and baby shower events as Evite has partnered with The Knot & The Bump which is a premiere registry service. For other occasions, you can add an Amazon Wish List so that your guests would know what presents you would love to receive.

I encourage you to explore the site and you’ll see that it’s more than just a site for creating invitations. There are other features that you can discover such as Creating and Sending Thank You Cards which you can do after the event. There’s also a section on Party Ideas that will help you plan for any event you have in mind. There are creative ideas on food, drinks, decors, costumes and do-it-yourself projects. There’s a gallery on Real Parties held where you can also get ideas from and a section on Planning that provides tips and tricks on how to have a superb party. And last, but not the least, is the Instant Gifts section where you can choose and send the perfect gift for any occasion in just one click.

There you have it, Evite is your one-stop site for everything you need when it comes to having an event, from planning to post-event activities. So what are you waiting for? Login now to and be the hostess with the mostess!