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Since the advent of Web 2.0 technology allowing for users to contribute content to web sites as well as for the Internet and GPS functionality being brought to smart phone and iPhone technologies, many new web sites have spawned to bring a new and rich experience to others. When users get to create and share their own content, the information source can grow at an exponential rate all to the benefit of the greater audience. Travel is one such area most suited to Web 2.0 and geo-tagging user content.

EveryTrail is on such success story with its global web2.0 platform which incorporates geo-tagged of content submitted from its users using smart phone technologies. The site’s theme all being about travel experiences, users are able to live and in real time upload content from their mobile phones and to have the GPS coordinates of where they are when they took the photograph or sent in the email content to the site be recorded along with the content. In this way, people are able to track and record their travel experiences in such a way that millions of other people can share in the experience too. By bring people together in this way; users generate their own travel content on the fly in such a way that friends and family or the general public can sense being there too. People can user other people’s experiences to plan their own trips through the interactive maps that have included the pictures taken by past travellers who have traversed the same route.

EveryTrail is a Dream Web Site for Every Traveller Who Wants to Record their Adventure

And with EveryTrail, there is no limit to what kinds of travel can be planned and shared in this way including sailing, hiking, sight-seeing, cycling, skiing, kayaking flying or hang gliding. With more than eighty countries now covered in its network, there have been up to two thousand new trips added to the database in one single day simply because of the every growing popularity of the EveryTrail service. The service definitely suits the technology savvy traveller, and almost all travellers do love to connect with other like-minded people as part of a community. And it is like a continually growing wealth of information accumulated from many travellers who have been to exactly where a new traveller is. By being able to access images taken by others, and to download detailed information of other trails taken by others, users are sure to see for themselves everything that can interest them on their own excursion, as well as have all the tools needed to upload and record their own adventure.

With the EveryTrail app functioning as a GPS receiver users are able to track their position and progress, as well as to upload their images automatically geo-tagged with pin point location information. This can all be edited at a later time to keep and delete those images and files you most want and be able to add your own commentary of the experience later. Users have full privacy settings available to them to keep the trip viewable to a select few or to make it openly available by any other person. And it all integrates fully with Facebook and Twitter.

The sheer number of trips created by users is growing at an amazing rate, and there are some outstanding quality trip reports with accurate and detail notes of things to watch out for and to consider investigating should you follow their previously travelled path. However it is equally true that because the user generated content is not edited, there are also many low quality posts with poor English and perhaps even misleading information; so it is wise to use some caution if you are ever intending to rely on other people’s information and guidance. This would be especially true when planning trips to where weather conditions could present users with risks and dangers, and as the service is entirely free, people must use their own discretion when relying on the information.

Sharing is Caring at EveryTrail

The EveryTrail web site is a fun place to explore, and the quality of images and information mostly available is outstanding. It is a tremendous resource for travellers to use to gain ideas and to make their own plans as well as to reach out to and to connect with similar like minded people. The team at EveryTrail is young and travel minded and a strong focus on keeping at the forefront of technological changes especially as they relate to smart phone and iPhone technologies. Further releases of their phone apps will continue to grow the range of functionality. It is a very simple matter to create a free account and to build a profile. From there it is a simple matter to search other people’s trips and to plan your own adventure. Downloading the details of other people’s trip is a simple and easy process with the phone app, and users are encouraged with gift vouchers to write engaging trip guides for others to benefit from. With such a large community of travellers all contributing their images and trip reports, EveryTrail is a resource swelling every day with great ideas.

Many people make new friends on EveryTrail as well as discovering that many of their friends in their email address book are already members. So for creating travel plans and for recording truly in depth information about trips, as well as for the social networking experience of connecting with other travellers, EveryTrail is emerging as the bench mark of success for travel oriented web sites. As its service continue to expand, and its integration with other social networking web sites continues to grow, EveryTrail has a very promising future in the travel industry. Its young and excited team of staff have done an outstanding and professional job of bringing and keeping EveryTrail at the cutting edge of everything all travellers could need and want when exploring the world.