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Every Time Zone – Never warp your brain with time zone

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As the Internet continues to develop at a fast rate, and with so many new applications being made available and accessed across national borders; with outsourced workers becoming an every day part of the more intensely competitive market place since the Global Financial Crisis and globalization being the norm rather than the exception, being able to quickly and easily deal with the issue of time zones is a very important issue for many people. With workers collaborating to provide twenty four by seven service levels in many industries and endeavoring to meet deadlines set in another time zone all add a complexity to people’s busy work schedule. Forex traders for example are always constantly trying to remember what times are for the Asian, European and American trading sessions where financial markets have their different busy and quite times for trading.
For most people there is a mental blockage about the meaning of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the plus and minus of hours for each part of the world; it’s a system that makes little intuitive sense to most people having to deal across multiple time zones and most people have no idea where Greenwich is, compounding their mental picture of how to calculate it all. And so what Every Time Zone has done is make it such an easy thing for people to get their head around, because it is an entirely visual system which immediately provides people with the clarity they need and have wanted all this time. Its solution is elegant and simple to work with because of its visual representation. Whereas most people cannot think with multiple time zones, their heads seemingly unable to cope with being in different times at the same time calculating the differences, Every Time Zone cuts through and clarifies the issues quickly and simply with ease with a colorful and graphical user interface that instantly knows where the user is, and has all the major cities listed on it already.

Every Time Zone is fast and Intuitive to Use

And because daylight saving is not being universally applied everywhere in all states and countries this alone has always tended to make matters worse when for every major city there may or may not be a seasonal change that must be factored into the mental calculations. When we sit on one side of the country and try to remember what time it is on the other, the answer is not intuitive to our human brains, or our don’t easily respond to the need to calculate the exact differences and yet so many people do have to balance their daily deadlines and working schedules around multiple time frames. Even getting the day correct can be a mess because some countries time zone lags Greenwich Mean Time and other jurisdictions are in front or ahead of where we are, depending on where we are.

Every Time Zone is so simple to use; users simply just visit their web site and it knows your current location from your Internet address. It then shows you in a very colorful and graphical way the next twelve time zones going forward, with the major cities listed for you to confirm what you want to know; namely what time it is now in another city and what day it is there. With a line for the current time drawn down through the list of cities including the user’s current location, it doesn’t need to get simpler than that. Users can slide the scale left or right to study before and after the current time to get the same information on the other cities. No calculations required, it is intuitively easy to use.

Every Time Zone Works Fine a Geo Devices like the iPad

And it is all fully functional on iPhones and iPads with their app. They even offer an offline version which can be downloaded to your phone and synched to the phones current time and geo location. And so all the guess work is taken out of the problem of knowing what the time and day is elsewhere. There is no longer any need for mental calculations adding or subtracting hours off of your current location’s time.

Founded by Thomas Fuchs and Amy Hoy, the Every Time Zone application has always been about taking mental calculations out of the equation. It is all about ease of use; with Every Time Zone being the most simple to use even if it only does what others can do. With it being simple to drag and drop the visual representation of time to the left or right so that users can study what is going on in other major cities relative to where the user is now, users simply cannot go wrong.

Versatile and convenient, Every Time Zone is actually fun to use; as opposed to the old days and ways of mental calculations that has caused more missed flights than traffic jams. It is all very smooth and easy on the eye. It brings to its visual look and feel an intuitive knowing at a glance exactly what you want to know.

And Every Time Zone does not require users to register an account. The app and the site are designed to detect where the user is and to show exactly the relevant information needed; all totally for free. For people constantly working across multiple time zones, Every Time Zone makes the ideal home page for users to set their browser to. And at the very least it should be saved as a favorite in their computers for quick and easy access and into the iPhone for use when travellers arrive at new destinations. Even for the most complex time zone problems to get your head around, the left and right controls with which users can drag and drop the time line mean that Every Time Zone. It is already such a perfectly simply to use tool that it is hard to imagine how it could be improved up on.