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EventZilla – Online Event Registration

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Historically, event management has been big business and a tightly controlled cartel of a small number of event organizers who have always tended to squeeze out competing promoters and organizers by means of proprietary ticketing software solutions. For example, if a large or aspiring music band wanted to go on tour, often it could come down to which organizer has the more efficient ticketing software solution that would win the contract to provide the marketing, promotion and venue management services and with them holding the leverage of the ticketing solution, often the organizer could and has extorted unfair commercial advantages over the entertainers. That is, many an entertainer has not wanted to agree to the terms of deals presented to them by an organizer, but there simply was no other alternative to the ticketing solution needs and so great concessions had to be given away on the venue marketing and management rights and the promotion as a whole simply because the organizer had exclusive access to the ticketing system.

Eventzilla is a complete turnkey solution to this dilemma because it enables any group of interested people to host their own event promoting it the way they see fit. By having an end to end ticketing solution that works on and offline, entertainers and event managers are able to avoid expensive set up fees entirely, and instead only pay a fee per paid up attendee. And so Eventzilla is an online event registration and ticketing software solution for anyone big or small hosting an event or conference, seminar, fundraising event or training workshop. With now more than one thousand event driven organizers from all around the world now using Eventzilla, they are easily and professionally able to handle all the complex registrations processes and to attend to payments and ticketing either online, offline or both while they promote their events on Facebook and or Twitter. That is. Eventzilla easily manages all attendee communications, confirmations and cancellations quickly and efficiently and integrates with modern marketing tools like the social networks.

Eventzilla Developed By Experts in User Experienced Design

Founded by experts in the design of professional user design software, there are no set up fees to be paid. Eventzilla derives its income from user fees paid by attendees using a pay per performance model. So far it has been used successfully to manage all the details of more than four thousands events around the world. It was always designed around supporting the needs of small to medium size events with a cost effective model, and yet its functionality can handle the most complex and largest events with ease.

Irrespective of the organizer’s computer and web site publishing expertise, any prospective organizer can register a new account for free and to quickly publish a web page around their event. Designed for ease of use while maintaining a professional looking web page fully integrated with all the important booking and registration functions, users are able to create buzz around the event. At the end of the day it is about selling tickets and about processing all the needed information and payment information. Yet users don’t need expertise because all this functionality is already fully integrated into the system by means of the suite of tools that come with the system from the get go. Accepting registration information, processing payments, communicating updates and venue information to attendees are all part and parcel of the default use of the system.

Eventzilla Uses a Low Sales Transaction Cost Pricing Model

It really does not matter what the event is; be it big or small, Eventzilla comes stacked and loaded with the functions needed by people so that they can easily register their interest and get the information they need to attend. There is no programming skills needed, and an even organizer can be up and running within just five minutes of registering their account.

Of fundamental importance to organizers, they get the payment sent directly to their Paypal account which in turn can be then sent to the organizer’s bank account for disbursement. And so by this system, almost all currencies of the world can be processed quickly and easily. The Eventzilla system is designed to integrate with both Facebook and Twitter for social network marketing of events meaning that promotion and ticket sales can be achieved with remarkably low and efficient cost structures. In fact organizers can have multiple online shop fronts where tickets can be sold from web sites, blogs as well as by means of Facebook or even the Eventzilla web site too.

The bottom line is that organizers only pay a user fee when a ticket is sold. The Eventzilla system is a truly transactional fee based model, with fees starting as low as fifty cents per sold ticket. All transactions are encrypted with SSL provided by VeriSign.

And so Eventzilla is not only affordable, it is very simple to use and involves no up front payments or set up fees. There is no need for training in the system and Eventzilla has outstanding behind the scenes customer support. It costs nothing to register and account and so people can contemplate an event build their ticketing system to later abandon it later if they change their minds. It only takes a few minutes, and no fees are paid unless there are sales made. Eventzilla has been well thought out by experts in designing system to use software. And so it makes sense that it can be used for repeating events while be integrated with the social networks in ways that can handle multiple pricing options. Many management reports are built in to the system, including attendee reports, cancellation and sales management reports and all with no programming skills required.

Eventzilla is truly a blessing to events managers and organizers who have been frustrated by the complexity of systems prior to Internet changing the ways we can live. No longer do the large cartels of ticket management software houses hold all the cards.