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eSnips – Content Sharing Website

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

The background behind most software development is the original pioneer of the application was in somehow frustrated with his own problems, and so he set out to design a software solution that matched his own needs. And this is essentially how eSnips came to be, with the development team mostly interested in how they could best save and share their stuff with other people in fun, safe and secure ways and so they set out to develop such an application using the quite familiar these days business model of software as a service. The basic premise was that all people have stuff they want to share, and that they would rather keep it all in one place. That sure, different stuff probably wants to get shared in different ways and to different people and different times, but that should not preclude being able to keep all of it in one central location for the long haul where it will be easy to find it later when and as needed.

It was to all be about having a tidy central repository, with control over who gets to see what and when if ever. And so as eSnips evolved, it took the shape of a fun place to hang out online as a social content sharing web site where anyone can publish and share any media type they want with whoever they want. And with all users getting a very generous five gigabytes of file storage in their quota, people have almost unlimited flexibility in the choices they make about what they want to share and with whom. To give an example of that quota size, most songs are an average of three to four megabytes, and so five gigabytes is well over one thousands songs of storage capacity. A person could collect and save all the music to have loved and appreciated over a life time and still have room to spare in the eSnips quota.

eSnips is Fun and Easy to Use – Be Shy About Using the Downloader

All media types are catered for on eSnips. Finding content out in the web is no problems to save to an eSnips account. Uploading music, video and images; all basic and no problems for eSnips. People composing their thoughts and feelings in writing or audio files; all perfectly fine and can be shared with whoever the user wants; if anyone at all. And with nearly ten million registered users, it is clear that the developers of eSnips have been doing something very right by their users who keep on coming back.

It is all quite simple and straightforward to use. Simply create a folder for each of your interest. Then within each folder, load up all the content into their respective folder. In fact just doing this is kind of refreshing; like doing the spring cleaning and getting everything organized and safely where it belongs so that you can find it later. One very cool feature as that the account owner gets to decide who can access each and every folder. You may have one group of friends who you share all your music with, but perhaps a special friend who gets to know the more intimate side of your thoughts and ideas but them getting access to the different folder. And so it is all like basic house keeping where everything has its proper place to go, with the extra special benefit that each folder has controls over it in terms who can access it.

And because eSnips is a social networking web site, by digging around you’ll quickly make new friends to reach out to and to connect with based on shared interests and passions.

But mostly it is how eSnips lets account holders to assign different access privileges to different folders that make it unique from other content sharing web sites. That plus eSnips has a fun look and feel to the web site that clearly does appeal to millions of users. And there is no limit to how many folders you can create; it is entirely up to the users to determine what their interests are and who they are going to share their stuff with. Some people even use it to lock away all their secrets that they have no intentions of ever sharing with anyone.

At the very least, every responsible person should upload all their value digital files to a place like eSnips as a back up in case of computer crash, house fire or burglary. People can never play it too safe with their cherished memories, family album photos and home movies.

eSnips Maybe Using Unethical Pay Per Install Methods

Perhaps the only annoying aspect of eSnips has to do with users being required to use their proprietary downloader when visitors want to download content they are authorized to access. By this I mean that it is reminiscent of pay per install types of adware in that all content must be downloaded with the downloader, and the downloader fully intends to add a eSnips toolbar to the user’s web browser until that is disabled in the advanced settings, and it fully intends to set Bing as the default home page and search engine. That really does sound like they are deriving revenues from adware or spyware type back door revenue streams. That is, why on earth would a eSnips downloader be required? And why would it be interested in setting millions of user’s home pages and search engines? The only logical explanation is they are getting paid for it, and that’s bordering on sleazy business practices if it is true.

The pay per install industry is a highly unethical business model and has been shunned by all reputable marketing organizations for its underhanded business methods. If it is true that eSnips is involved with this shoddy approach to revenues, they will not doubt soon learn the damage to their long term reputation will be as extensive as it will be expensive.