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English Central – Improve speaking English online

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The Internet and more especially the broadband Internet have given rise to a plethora of new content delivery systems, and the online classroom has been a huge winner because of the highly interactive way in which teacher and student can engage, transcending national boarders and time zones to provide instruction where it is wanted when it is wanted and at very low cost structures. With the widespread use of video and sound recording media and technologies, a highly skilled teacher and presenter only need to give a lesson one time when it is recorded and stored online and at their best presentation quality, and it can be served to potentially hundreds of thousands of students over the ensuing years; thus making the cost per delivery to each student as low as a few cents each time. Serving the best quality of the best content many times over from an online repository of related content is vastly more cost effective than traditional bricks and mortar type school environments where no teacher is at their best performance level every day, and no attendee is spared the cost and inconvenience of fitting in with one time table to suit all people.

English is a long way from being the most commonly spoken or used language in the World; in fact Mandarin is by far to most common language, with about three times as many native speakers as there are English native speakers. Spanish, Hindu and Arabic all rank as more commonly used than English; yet it is English that is the language of International trade. English is the language of business, and for example, if Chinese and French business people negotiate the business terms of a trade deal, both cultures will meet in the middle using English in order to reach agreement and consensus. And so it is English that is the most highly sought after language skill, especially in the emerging cultures like India and China where International trade is fundamental to each countries growth and prosperity.

English Central is at the Cutting Edge of Teaching Technologies

English Central is a highly innovative online language education platform with deep skills in developing English language skills. By watching video, repetitively if students want as they focus on the key word pronunciations and listening to audio files the faster they learn. The more time they invest in watching and listening, the faster they learn the intricacies of English and can perfect their skills. And English Central has thousands of such videos stored in its database, each with a focus on either business English, social interaction type English, English needed for travelling, specific pronunciations of words or phrases as well as for preparation for different levels proficiency examination.

And the use of video is a proven method for developing the vocabulary of students, which can access the twenty thousand words in the English Central database. And by using the proprietary technology of English Central’s Intellicoach, students get to practice their speech and get immediate feedback as to their quality of pronunciation. And so the diagnostic systems of English Central enable students to video themselves which are then analyzed at English Central for personalized feedback as to what particular sounds need most attention and development in order to master the total language.

That is, all language is comprised of the building blocks of sounds which form the spoken words. And by targeting focus on mastery of the most difficult sounds students can perfect their entire experience of English and they are able to do so with confidence. So lessons can go deeper than practicing and learning words; it can just as easily extend into teach about the mouth and muscle groups, and which parts of the mouth contribute to what sounds and tones all leading to tips and tricks on how to form the most difficult of sounds and word formation.

English Central Teaches all Students at Their Own Pace

One of the main benefits of English Central is that rather than great teachers having to repeat daily the best of what they have acquired with their skills; they instead invest their best efforts in recording the accumulated best of what they can teach and use only their best effort recordings with their students. That, combined with all the recordings being stored online and accessible at any time, students can engage with English Central from anywhere in the world at any time and they can do it from the comfort of their home or office when it is most convenient for them, when their interest level is at its highest and when they have the energy and enthusiasm to commit to being the best student they can be.

In this way, the best of the teachers is reaching the student when they are also in their best frame of mind to engage in the content and materials. Every student in essence is getting one on one teaching effort, because every student can proceed at their own exact pace, redoing any video material as and when they want to get the most from it. Overall, the world’s educational systems have always failed students because the group is treated as a mass, with progress with the material not reaching the best or worst student progression. Everyone in the traditional classroom environment is compromised by no one getting the personalized rate of progress they need. And this is the beauty of English Central and its online teaching format.

The v is very professionally laid out, with students able to access for free large amounts of material first to then later subscribe if they want to the more advanced skills that v can impart to them. Not only is English Central a tremendous resource for English language students, its style and methods of teaching are at the cutting edge of teaching technique and practice. It is without doubt that the future of all educational systems will finally advance to be as competent and cost effective as English Central is now.