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Empressr – Leaves PowerPoint for Dead

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Warning! Website described in this article is discontinued and no longer in service. Content is moved to ‘Discontinued Websites‘.

The internet has always been the perfect place to build and distribute rich media presentations in order to tell stories so that your audience can grasp visually what messages you are communicating. With its use of text, images and video with or without audio, the internet is a natural as long as you have the right tools for the job and know how to use them. For nearly twenty years the corporate world has been hung up on using Power Point, but that has never been an impressive program. Like all big business products, especially those that come from Microsoft, Power Point has always been a lame product offering that has never had a WOW factor about any of its feature set. And so there was always room in the new era of the software as a service internet world; where software would be hosted on cloud servers and licenses offered to share access to the software for a product to come along that danced all over what Power Point can do. And that alternative is called Empressr. It does every thing that Microsoftís should have built but never had the innovative talent to make it happen.

Software as a Service is a Superior Business Model

Having said all of that, there is still room for Empressr to lift its game too; but it is already ahead of the pack and has the breathing space if they developers continue to push a ahead with its development. One of the first things to do is to register your own account new account with them and that is simple and easy to do. Once you are logged in, on the right hand menu you can select one of eleven main categories that you may wish to create and develop a presentation in. When clicking on any one of them, you will find that there are hundreds of publicly available Empressr examples from which you can view to get ideas for your own creation. And at first glance at any one of them, you will note at the bottom of the sample presentation all of the controls there are for any user to manipulate the Empressr file. That is, any user can click a button to make the presentation full screen, or they can adjust the audio level or print the document out, send it to others via email for make a Twitter comment about it. Again with just the click of buttons, users can convert it to a slide show or back again. These controls look much like the same as on YouTube and so users will quickly identify with how to use everything without any troubles.

Plan Your Presentation, Upload All Your Components to the Library

You will already have more than just an idea of what you want the presentation to say; you will almost certainly have scripted out the message and have ear marked the images and video clips and audio files you want to combine into the presentation. And so it is important before creating your new combined presentation file to upload and or import all your component parts. They will all be saved into the library in your account so that you can find them later. And you can do keyword search from multiple content sources on the web to pull further resources into your Empressr to be saved in the library. It is not a problem if you donít have video or audio to upload or import into Empressr; you can use Empressr to create your own from within the application. You will find icons for each media type, and by pressing the circle associated with each one, you will be able stop and start the appropriate recording device. After you have recorded your video or audio you can review it by clicking the play button or click the Add it to the Library button to add it to the rest of your saved stuff.

Pull Content from a Large Range of Content Sources

You can freely search on YouTube for useful content to save in your library to add to the components you have on file to compose or create your Empressr. And just as easily, you can import an existing Power Point presentation and pull it apart for its component parts or use it as a sub component of your greater story. In building your Empressr story, it will all come down to the same concept of slides, and on each slide will be the combination of text points, video and audio information that you wish to present to the audience. For each new slide that add in, there are multiple tabs you can use for setting properties of the slide, keeping information and notes about the slide. And one very helpful utility is the Dashboard, where with the click of a button the presenter has a management system with which to run the presentation. The dashboard will keep track of things like how long is the presentation taking, and it will be capturing the incoming Tweets and providing the tools to manage them on the fly.

Build, Create, Share, Modify Your Empressr with Ease

Building your creative will be very easy for you. Everything that you will want in the presentation will have been uploaded or imported into the Library by you beforehand, and if during the creative process you have forgotten something, it is no trouble to stop creating and to upload something extra. As you build your creative, you will find everything is drag and drop, and that its positioning is highly sensitive to the precise placement on your slides. Indeed the placement is very fast as the servers have the power to cope. As with all creative processes, there will be many changes that you make as other people give your feedback about how well they have received and understood the information and format. And so at any later time, you are able to adjust and modify your work to keep the presentation fresh and meaningful.