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EmailMeForm – free HTML online form builder tool

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With the Internet now consisting of well over ten billion web pages as indexed in the Google search engine by its Googlebot web crawler, and this does not take account of a very large of additional web pages that are not indexed at the option of the web site owners. And it is estimated that there are more than six hundred million individual web sites, each one consisting of many web pages. And it is this number of web sites that is most interesting because almost all of them are owned by someone who wants to have visitors to its site somehow engage with the web site and make some kind of contact to become a sales lead, customer, or to join an email list for the web site. However and whatever system web site owners use to reach out to collect web site visitor information, almost always it is some type of form so that the visitor can enter their registration information. And this is where a clever online business called Email Me Form has stepped in to fill the gap of helping people to create the web site forms and all things related to them.

Email Me Form is Free to Use for Up to Two Hundred Form Submissions Per Month

Email Me Form comes complete with a form builder software application as a service. This enables users to use almost all browser type to use the inbuilt WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to drag and drop components onto a blank form. This means that the user can quickly modify their form layout, adding and deleting form fields as needed to collect the exact information they want from the end user. The form could be as simple as only seeking the visitor’s first name and email address, or it could provide detailed information and collect a large range of more complex registration details. And with the WYSIWYG editor, drop down boxes can be used; radio buttons, check boxes and images can all be added with no need for any programming or HTML skills at all.

And Email Me Form makes it even easier to build forms for web sites have already having available a large number of existing form templates. These templates can be used as is, or further modified to massage them to be exactly what is needed for your web site.

Autoresponder and SSL Security Included on All Paid Plans

Premium users of Email Me Form can even add 128 bit SSL encryption security to the form so that web site visitor’s data is safe and secure. And all users of Email Me Form can add to their forms the usual anti spam functions that can include IP address limits or by adding a Captcha image verification system.

When the form is finished, the web site owner then simply needs to embed the Email Me Form HTML code into their web site and the job is done. Having said that, most forms have a “thank you” page to which end users of the form are redirected after they have completed and submitted the form. Sites owners can then send a link to the form in marketing materials or emails, and they can add buttons to other pages in their site which link to the form.

What is quite interesting is that the new form is not hosted on the web site owner’s site hosting. Rather it continues to be hosted by Email Me Form. The end users continue to stay on the site at all times, but all form data is sent safely and securely to the Email Me Form servers for processing and storage in the Email Me Form autoresponder.

The Email Me Form web site is very well laid out, and the WYSIWYG editor is simple to use and highly flexible. When the form is being built, each field of information is being mapped back to a corresponding field in a database for future storage of all the form submissions. The Email Me Form site also includes a very detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). And remarkably the service is entirely free to use. There is a paid for option called the Plus Plan which entitles members to access to a greater number of premade form templates and more powerful features for advanced users including the 128 bit encrypted SSL security features that are best used for collecting credit card information. And they request that members do upgrade to the Plus Plan if you need more than five web forms. And it does not matter if all your forms are integrated with the one web site or many different sites.

When your form is in production, you are able to access details of all the people who have submitted the form, or in the alternative, you can have the system set to email you when new submissions occur. And so Email Me Form is looking after all the database issues for you, which by itself can be a huge benefit.

The free account is useful up to receiving two hundred submissions per month. After that, the paid plans present tremendous value because you also get full access to the Email Me Form autoresponder. That is, normally web site owners have to buy or subscribe to a separate autoresponder service at an extra monthly expense. But with Email Me Form that is provided for free with all paid for membership plans, and the modest Plus Plan fee is perfect for web site owners wishing to process up to two thousand web site form submissions per month, especially great value when the autoresponder is included in the deal. Even the most expensive plan at just under forty dollars a month is fantastic value, because it has a monthly quota of up to twenty five thousand form submissions a month, with the autoresponder included. And any web site business that is handling that level of form submissions a month certainly can afford such a modest fee.