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Signing Up for EmailGame

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EmailGame is an online service that provides you with the best way to read through your emails, and respond to them effectively in the shortest time possible. Most of the time you may find your email inbox clogged up with many unread mails that you may not be able to browse through or even read within the time that you have. EmailGame will assist you to get through your inbox faster, read through these emails in the shortest span and most of all enjoy doing it with every step.

How Do I Sign Up for EmailGame

Signing up for EmailGame is remarkably easy. First you will have to open up the EmailGame website in your internet browser. The website address for EmailGame is If you are unable to click on the link to access the Prezly website, simply copy and paste the link into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL and again press “Enter”. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see right in the middle of the page, just right above the logo of EmailGame a “search like tab” that is on a green canvas. The tab is so conspicuous and lies right in the middle of the website page you will not miss it. Once you have identified this tab, fill in the empty section. This section requires you to fill out the part provided with your email address. Therefore choose the email address that best suits you, be it your primary email address or your secondary email address. The moment you have done so, click on to the right end of the tab that is labeled let’s play. The moment you click onto this section it will lead you immediately to a new page. This page will be the Gmail “sign in page” therefore the moment this page appears, it will already be having your email address filled in on the section that you always fill it in when signing in to your Gmail account normally. The moment this page appears like this, simply fill in your password on the password section and then immediately you have done this, click on the blue tab that is right in the bottom section of the fill out that you have just taken. This blue tab is labeled “sign in.” Once you have clicked onto this section you will be instantly led to a new page that will be requesting for permission to integrate your Gmail account with EmailGame. The new page that will be requesting for this permission will have a blue tab on the bottom section. This blue tab is labeled “accept.” To ensure that your account is well tailored and integrated with EmailGame, you will therefore click on this blue tab. The moment you have done so you will be able to be redirected to a new page this page will be a ready EmailGame page set up and you will be able start using EmailGame

How EmailGame Works

EmailGame works with only Gmail and Google apps, therefore when signing up for EmailGame one should have acquired the Gmail email account or better still be using a Google app.

Merits of Using EmailGame

With a signed up account on EmailGame you will be able to handle your emails with the effectiveness and the attention that they deserve. This is because EmailGame does not clutter your messages in one stage. Rather it will ensure that you read every message at a time with the attention that it deserves. Also the timer that EmailGame provides for you to assess the emails that you have received will allow you to maintain your time effectively. It will help you to remain focused and read each mail within the best time possible. This application will also ensure that while having fun reading through your emails, you remain on track. This is because EmailGame analyzes the data for you and breaks it down in terms of importance. This will in turn make your work easy, however with the most important emails paid much attention to, you will be able to remain on track with your emails and handle them satisfactorily.

EmailGamealso rewards you when you make decisions quickly. With the point awards and the graphics that EmailGame provides you with, you will be able to enjoy your quick accomplishments in reading through your emails and also to make the work you are doing of reading the emails feel real, worthy, and result oriented. In addition to this, you will be able to enjoy EmailGame from the part that it effectively integrates with Gmail and other Google Apps. This will save you the hustle of having to log in again and again. Since it will allow you to simply access your mails through the main Gmail platform and enhance your data analysis. EmailGame will also allow you to enjoy the various affordable packages that it offers. The services are improved within every package and you will indeed not regret having to use any. With these main packages you will also be able to indeed find a convenient package for your use. For instance the Enterprise edition supports Outlook and includes many other email analytics while at the same time integrating with other business software like SharePoint.

The services that EmailGame offers to its users are indeed very peculiar to Gmail and Google Apps and this alone is a difference that makes it to stand out. However the fact that EmailGame has incorporated fun, time management, and point awards in the process of reading emails, has created a great sense of worthiness which has ensured that EmailGame has created a unique culture of email reading. Unlike before where most inboxes would remain clogged up with unread emails, this application has ensured that the process of reading mails is no longer loathed.

The many features that EmailGame offers include awards in time management, a timer, and a solid integration of EmailGame with Gmail and Google app platforms. This has ensured that it remains unique and thorough in the provision of exemplary services to its users.