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Design and Implement Email Marketing Campaigns With EmailBrain

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As the evolution of online marketing continues, one of the channels that has continued to undergo rapid changes is Email. This is because people are now very choosy about what they subscribe to and even then, what they read or delete from their email boxes. Being a subscriber is no longer a guarantee of reading an email, much more, responding to the Call-To-Action within the email. Email boxes brimming over, spam filters and rapidly reducing attention span have made it imperative for business owners to build email campaigns that will be succinct and receive the desired attention. In other words, today’s email marketing campaign MUST be smart and incorporate social features. Finding an online platform that combines all the necessary features and functions to make this possible is not easy but EmailBrain ticks all the boxes required to make an email campaign a true success.

EmailBrain is an online digital marketing platform that presents customers with multiple options which they may combine in planning and executing a marketing campaign. These options include Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing as well as Mobile/SMS. These three marketing channels offered by EmailBrain may be summarized as follows:

  • Email Marketing: EmailBrain’s email marketing allows customers to achieve far more by designing and sending out laser-targeted campaigns. Its customization and tracking features makes it easy to align your brand visually with the campaign while allowing you to track and generate reports from each campaign.
  • Social Media Marketing: Leverage social media to increase the ‘share’ of your brand on channels such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Mobile/SMS: EmailBrain enables you to combine text messages with your email and ensure that your mobile campaign is well tracked for effective reporting.

EmailBrain allows marketers or marketing agencies to expand their value proposition by offering email marketing services. This is simply by reselling EmailBrain’s email marketing packages. As a basic reseller you have access to various tools to manage campaigns while an Advanced Reseller account allows you to create accounts for your clients and manage them as well.

Signing Up to Use EmailBrain

EmailBrain has a streamlined registration process for intending users. It is mandatory to undergo this fairly simple process in order to fully enjoy the features offered by the platform. To begin, simply navigate to the homepage at and locate the Sign Up button at the top-right side of the page. Clicking on the button will take the intending user to the registration page where the first form is displayed. This initial form only requires the provision of Email Address and selected password. After filling these fields, click ‘Next’ to proceed to next step. The next step entails providing more details including First Name, Last Name, Organization, Website Address as well as Contact Number. After filling in these details, another page opens which requests the intending User to select the desired pricing plan from a list. After doing this, a small window is presented from which the intending user may select an additional package or simply skip to the final step which is the payment and checkout.

Costs of Using EmailBrain

Given the range of services provided by EmailBrain, its pricing is quite extensive and tailored to suit the needs of several customer types and operations. A summary of the pricing packages are as follows:

  • Email Marketing Periodic Plans: This plan provides the user with a number of monthly, annual or biannual credits which expire at the end of the selected period. The least amount of credits is 2,000 priced at $9.95 for a period of one month. 24,000 credits for a period of 12 months is priced at $89.95 as a result of a 25% discount. 12,000 credits is also available at $53.73 on a biannual basis but with an expiry period of six months.
  • Email Marketing Pay As You Go: This plan excludes any periodic contracts. Users simply buy what they require and use on the go. The minimum quantity is 2,000 credits at $49.95 while subsequent prices are as follows: 10,000 ($99.95), 20,000 ($179.95), 50,000 ($229.95) and 100,000 ($449.95).
  • Non-Profit Organizations Pricing Plans: This is specially tailored to suit the needs of non-profit organizations. The credits are bundled for an annual duration with the minimum being 24,000, priced at $53.73 while the highest is 4,800,000 priced at $ 4,319.73.
  • Non-Expiring Credit; These credits, unlike the periodic type mentioned above, do not expire at the end of a specific timeframe. The credits remain active for as long as the User’s periodic membership remains active. The minimum amount of non-expiring credits is 5,000, priced at $29.95. The highest is 1,000,000, priced at $1999.95.
  • Mobile Pricing: Users can purchase pay-as-you-go mobile credits from EmailBrain. Each credit is equivalent one SMS sent. The credits are bundled in 100 ($10.95), 1,000 ($99.95), 5,000 ($474.95), 10,000 ($899.95) and 30,000 ($2,399.95).
  • Reseller/Corporate Accounts: These Users have a special pricing that begins at 120,000 credits priced at $323.73. The highest volume is 2,400,000 priced at $4,319.73.

Benefits of Using EmailBrain

EmailBrain offers its user tremendous benefits and these include the following:

  • Security: EmailBrain hosts its platform on multiple secured sites using providers who maintain the highest standard of security available on the internet include firewalling and backup. The platform also uses Paymentech for its credit card payments and Paymentech is one of the foremost payment processing today. Some security features guarding payment include 128-bit SSL architecture.
  • Reporting: EmailBrain provides users with statistics that show the percentage of emails that were opened per mailshot, total sent, number of clickthroughs generated, links clicked as well as subscribers who opened the email.
  • Mailing List Management: The platform enables subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailing list. Users are also provided with a subscription form builder as well as a list building tool to assist user build a list of they do not have one. This tool which functions as a sign-up box may be embedded on the user’s website.