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How to Start Using Elance

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Online employment is becoming more and more of a choice for many. Many businesses are also cutting down on cost by outsourcing work and projects. It is no different with Elance and it is easy to start out with them. You simply create an account by signing up and once you have been verified, you are ready to start using Elance.

You can start sending in proposals to the advertised jobs almost immediately. It is an easy and simple way of getting out of the rat race, especially if you have great skills to offer.

Signing up with Elance

All you have to do is:

  • Find the Elance site
  • Click on the “Register” icon
  • Choose “I want to work” or “I want to hire”
  • Press the “Continue” icon
  • Fill in the online form where you choose your Username as well as your Password
  • Choose your country
  • Choose your account type: “individual” or “business”
  • Choose a display name
  • Select “How did you hear about us?”
  • Accept the Elance Terms of Service
  • Press “Continue”

Another way of signing up is:

  • Through your Facebook account – if you already have a Facebook account, you simply click on the “Facebook” icon and sign in to Facebook and you are signed up.
  • You could also use the Google Apps sign in to gain access to Elance as long as you have an account.
  • You will receive an e-mail to verify your e-mail address. Once this is done you can sign in with your username and your password.

Signing in with Elance

Click on the “Sign In” icon

  • Fill in your user name and your password
  • Once you are signed in, you are allowed to change the existing password if you so wish.

Your Personal Dashboard

Once you have signed in to Elance you will get your own Dashboard where you are able to set up your profile.

  • Click on your Display name
  • You will get a dropdown menu
  • Choose from Profile, Settings and Membership


If you click on membership, you are given a spreadsheet that would give you a layout of the different options of membership:

  • Basic Membership where you get a monthly quota of up to fifteen proposals that you could submit. This membership is free.
  • For $10 per month, Individual Membership gives you the opportunity to submit up to thirty proposals.
  • Small Business Membership costs $20 per month and gives you up to forty proposals to clients.
  • Large Business Membership at $40 per month gives you of up to fifty proposals.
  • There are many more advantages, but the most important are that there is guaranteed payment and billing is automated.
  • You can also have time and milestone tracking
  • You can start with a basic membership and later on go onto a paid membership and receive more benefits.

Your Profile

You have the facility to set up a great text profile, but Elance offers you the opportunity to add your portfolio.

  • It could be a visual portfolio that cannot be missed, especially if you have graphics added to it.
  • You can add a short biography and your Resume or CV
  • There are “Edit” icons scattered around the pages, making it easy for you to edit and streamline your profile.

Your Settings

Your settings contain all of your information, but this is also where you can edit:

  • User Information
  • Your password
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your telephone number

The settings page has a long list of pages on which to personalize your experience with Elance even more. Here is a list and the best is to go through them one at a time to see what there is that you can change and add to your overall presence:

  • The Overview page gives you an overview of which settings you can change.
  • Start Page is where you set your landing page when you open your account. For example, “My Jobs” or your “Inbox”
  • Membership is from basic, which has no cost, up to $40 per month. You can change your basic to the Individual Membership at any time (or cancel it at any time)
  • Privacy Settings where you can allow or disallow certain information to be displayed.
  • Notification Settings where you can set your notification preferences
  • Billing and Payments is required information and it will contain your contact details and you may add in your Tax or VAT ID
  • Time Zones and World Clock are important to set your local time as this will be used to log the time you do work for your client.
  • Currency – here you can set the currency in which you would like to be paid.
  • My Availability – this is where you can let the clients know if you are available for new work or if you are unavailable
  • Client and Job Preferences is where you indicate the kind of job and client you would prefer.
  • Link to Facebook – you simply click on the Facebook icon and sign in and you have the link.

Once your settings are in order, you can visit your dashboard look at “Find Work”. In the drop down list you have a few options where you can:

  • Search for jobs linked to your profile
  • Browse all jobs
  • Statistics of jobs you have applied for and your ranking

You should not forget your own special profile page where you can add your profile photo. This is where your portfolio will appear as well. The best part is that Elance provides many opportunities with their free membership package, which you do not often find with other companies on the internet.

The best is to browse through the entire Elance website and have a look what is available and start working for a very efficient online and secure business. You will find that you have more of a business partner than working for a business.