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eHarmony – More Than Online Dating.

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eHarmony is a dating site with a difference. The whole point behind the web site is to make it easier for you to find the perfect match for your life, and they seek to achieve this by doing a full and complete profile on your likes and dislikes. More than just the physical attributes that can draw one person to another, eHarmony seeks to match people with all the personality traits and areas of interest that hopefully will overlap with the person of your dreams.

So eHarmony is much more that a place to register and upload your profile to then search around to find people based on their profile pictures, and hopefully for people to click on your own picture. Rather eHarmony seeks to bring people together in harmony, based on the full complement of matters that can form attraction or deal breakers between people.

Getting started with eHarmony

Joining eHarmony is not difficult and totally free, but it does take quite some time, simply because during the process you complete a massively long multiple choice survey. There may be less than 500 questions in this survey, but it didn’t feel like it when I signed up. And typical with all personality profiling tests, so as to prevent people for cheating the test and to arrive at the most accurate assessment, each question is asked several times with different wording, and this has the effect that in most situations the truth does filter through.

The main things that bind people together or force them apart are the temperament of the people, their habits like smoking and drinking, religious beliefs or otherwise, activities and areas of interest that are in common. And most humans are drawn more to a physical type and many more are very conscious of material wealth and career achievements.

As the survey says, there is no right or wrong answer to the questions. Not being honest with the test will more likely line up inappropriate people for you to consider which is only going to waste everyone’s time and effort. There is no need for shame about any revelation; it is all about finding the right person for our life. Throughout the journey of answering all the questions, you will notice a progress chart to indicate how much further you have to go.

There are a few text boxes for you to write less than 20 words in each. These answers will be available for other people to see and read, so make them catchy and fun to read.

When the survey is completed, which could easily take 15 minutes or longer, and then you receive an email which you must confirm. The sign up wizard then continues to stage two of the process, which is to upload at least one picture – preferably more than one to have a small portfolio available for others to see. The reality is that you will have your profile read in the order of nine times more of you have pictures.

How eHarmony Matches People

eHarmony claims that 542 people get married every day based on being matched on the web site. They claim to be so effective because of the personality profiling done during the survey sign up process, and by encouraging people to fully complete their profiles to be interesting and detailed. The interesting claim is that they then claim the use match experts each night so that at the beginning of each day you find new potential matches to consider.

Striking up conversations has always been easier on the Internet. Even the shyest person is well equipped to introduce themselves to others online because the anonymous nature and distance between people chatting or messaging through web sites is so much less stressful. We all have the time it takes to compose our words and responses thoughtfully and while not under pressure.

Of course the main purpose of the web site is for them to make money. And they do wish for you to pay for an upgraded subscription service. Doing so will elevate the level of services you can use, and the number of messages you can send each day.

Managing Your Profile in eHarmony

Like any web site that you may consider paying for a subscription membership, it is always wise to begin with the free service first, and to then upgrade if and when you find you are getting great value from it. Dating sites are everywhere nowadays. The thing that does stand eHarmony apart for the hundreds of others is the profile matching service built into it. Having done many personality profiling tests before, it was amazing just exhaustingly thorough the eHarmony one was.

There are a couple of amazing parts in the survey. Mostly it concerned smoking and drinking questions where you would have to break down how many times you smoke or drink, based on yearly, six monthly, monthly, weekly or many times a day. Perhaps it is just my sense of humor, but it did seem strange to be asked if I smoke yearly or many times a day, rather than how many times a day for a third party to be able to gauge am I a chronic smoker or only socially.

Also interesting were the slide controls used with many of the questions. Rather than picking a number between say one and five on a five point scale, you clicked and slid the control to where you nominated your intensity on the question.

One frustrating part has been not being able to edit the name field. Having mistyped it and not realized, now that the account is all set up, there is no way to edit it. All of the other items and questions can be changed, except for the name field.

All in all, eHarmony is a very different dating site. Its exhaustive profiling is very different to any of your other exposure to such sites. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly well worth your while to check it out.