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The education system world wide is a complete mess, and America is leading the charge into educational obscurity; already the United States ranks as only thirty seventh in terms of literacy and many developing countries have higher levels of literacy than do the people of the United States. How can the richest country on Earth in the history of human civilization be so shamefully illiterate? The cause is not hard to define; but then it is not just one cause either. What is most clear is just how damning the evidence is that America is no where near an intelligent people and seems to be racing towards being the lowest educated nation there is. And interestingly enough, change will not be achieved by the teaching faculty who are just as illiterate as the students because they came from the same broken system of education; nor will change be by the government finally showing some sense of leadership. The only way change can be brought about is by the Internet and by harnessing its power to deliver and distribute high quality educational materials to the masses, rather than entrusting the education of our children to the illiterate teachers that walk the school corridors.

37th in the World for Literacy; America is in Trouble

Edu20 is one such online software as a service company that is likely to have a large impact on how to get the education and school system out of the quick sand that it is drowning in. It is a complete educational system in a box so to speak. Every aspect of a school system from enrolments to record keeping to attendances to examinations and reviews is provided for with the Edu20 package; all that needs to be added is the video and other course materials. Perfectly designed and custom built to support distant learning environments, Edu20 already is the heart, soul and back bone of several large educational institutions and it continues to grow and strengthen its resource. By using cloud server computing at the back end, Edu20 enables a all teaching staff and support people to have the respective log in to the system so that they can attend to their respective and authorized duties. Students and parents can log in to monitor online all aspects of the studentís education and progress through the system and they can refer back through the history as well as report on aspects of the individuals progress; yet no one elseís confidentiality is breached in any way.

Edu20 is Perfect for Distant Learning and Corporate Training Systems

Educators are destined to cooperate on the production of the highest quality video presentation materials. That is, it makes no sense for ten thousand teachers across the nation repeat several times year their interpretation of a lecture, when there could be a video made by one or more of the highest qualified presenters delivering the perfect lecture not just in terms of accurate content, but also in terms of engaging presentation style. When the final video product is completed, it can be uploaded to the Edu20 platform for distribution nationwide. As each mandated student logs into the system to receive the lecture, their attendance is automatically noted in the system. One major benefit is that students donít have to attend the school to access the video; though such draconian measures could still be forced on students if deemed warranted by the old guard. But attendance at school seems such a wrong direction to take when government has systematically failed to ensure student safety at schools, and we do live in the age of broadband internet and web cameras. More productive would be for each student to view the video teaching materials as and when they are ready for them, when they have not only the time but the energy and enthusiasm to do so.

Creating a Free Account takes Seconds; but it is Only a 30 Day Free Trial

Creating an account is remarkably simple and entirely free unless seriously power user resources are needed. The Edu20 solution is not only great for school systems; it is also being taken up rapidly by corporations which need to make efficient and streamline their internal training systems. Police and fire services are also seeking to benefit from the sophistication of Edu20 as well as trainer training environments to raise the standards of the teaching staff; and home schooling is also taking advantage of the Edu20 management systems. After providing your details, you are granted unlimited server space on the Edu20 servers under the sub domain you listed in the application process. When logged into the system, you as the account owner is able to set the policies for others to be able to login and as to what they can view or edit in the system data. From the very easy to use menu system, you are able to then create course materials online, invite others to your business and schedule all the resources as you see fit. For each course you add, you allocate it a name, the style of course depending on if it is taught online in a self pace or if it is a class contact at an appointed time situation, and information about the duration of it and what credits and prerequisites are required before being able to undertake the course. With this done, it is a relatively simple matter to configure the course, add course materials which can be documents, pictures or videos; and you are then able to create assignments to be done as well as accept the enrolment of students.

Edu20 is Fully Configurable and Designed to Deliver Video Class Content online

The entire thrust of Edu20 is that it is fully configurable to the exact needs of the school system or business environment that is going to apply its management systems. Only by embracing the power of the internet to facilitate the changes desperately needed in the education and vocational training sectors can America ever hope to stem the slide in to obscurity. Edu20 is worthy of consideration for those serious about education.