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With the explosion of the Internet in terms of both size and functionality within such a relatively short period of time, it is most like the education system that is going to be most profoundly affected over the medium term. The education of all people in all societies has for the most been perhaps the biggest disaster of every society and all governments have consistently failed to address the inherent problems of their educational system. And it has been because of the structure of all educational systems that they fail. Notions of classroom sizes being bigger than one student to one teacher are nonsense because having many students in a class presumes that all students are capable of progressing at the same rate; which is impossible. Notions that all teachers will give their best effort and outcome at all times is similarly foolish; everyone has their off days, even if the teacher is somehow gifted most of the time. But this issue of teacher competence is further aggravated because it is widely known that most teachers are not that special, and that they only entered teaching because of the benefits to themselves personally, not because they are particularly suited to the art of teaching.

The new era of teaching will be all about online teaching methods and tools. This will allow for the best of teachers to be recorded and stored in a cloud computing solution which can be accessed by the students on a one on basis so that each student may progress through the materials at their own pace. When one class of content is properly produce and recorded, it can be used many times in the future; as opposed to every teacher having to present that same course material over and again many times. It is simply not economically sustainable for teachers to be repeating course materials in the wasteful multi student classroom environment. is Perfect For All School and Educational Systems

However, until the education system is ready to take the quantum leap forward of providing the full integrated virtual school system, each school needs its own integrated system to manage their business. And this is where comes into its own. is all about providing the structure and framework for building an entire school in a virtual way, and because of this it also makes it the perfect software solution to run a real world bricks and mortar school business from end to end. With everything hosted in the cloud computer solution, has every aspect of the total needs of a school for it to then be populated with course materials. That is, is a complete and extensive web site portal, which is fully capable of being branded for any school district. It can handle all smart phone and iPhone access technologies. All student registration and assessment issues are built, lesson structures ready to be entered, scheduling and calendars included, all fee and ecommerce components taken care of. Messaging systems, account management, collaboration and social networking are already part and parcel of the total package.

And so every existing school out there in the real world now can begin with their new portal, and they can adopt it for their school as the backbone of all their school’s functional needs for record keeping and management. All staff can be assigned their login details to access the areas of the school portal that relates to their roles within the school system. All management reporting features at the finger tips ready to be used. School districts can aggregate what is happening at each school level within the district. is a Complete School System With Free Cloud Computing

As governments grapple with the failed budgets, is the logical solution for every school system because of its massive functionality already fully integrated at every level. Even the most premium plan with every bell and whistle that could possibly be desired in the ideal system only costs thirty cents per month per student. Yet the free system has tremendous power over existing legacy systems and comes with unlimited teacher accounts, and up to two thousand student accounts. The is simple, powerful and the most versatile online learning system can be imagined at this time.

Video conferencing needs are no problems. Collaborative working environments already taken care of and are an integral part of the complete system. In fact the educational platform has been designed to fully support the most sophisticated University environment handling the most complex course structures in the most secure way with full audit trail and security support. Representing the potential for massive scale cost savings, the entire computer resource traditionally needed by schools for their antiquated systems is not needed with It is a software as a service business model, with massive scale back end cloud computing solutions already paid for in the plan.

The University of Puerto Rico currently use the system to great effect, and it serves their student community of more than sixty four thousand students and more than five thousand three hundred faculty members with ease. They have enjoyed enormous productivity gains from the system and they have enjoyed growing with the system because of its ease of use and client support. Because is fully web 2.0 compliant, and so it handles Wikipedia structures and blogging as well as smart phone and iPhone access, both staff and students have preferred it over the lesser alternatives that have been tried before. Given the future is all about providing distance learning and remote accessing to education, now that the application now exists, all that is needed is to get the school system to migrate their legacy activities onto actually using the system. With all the back end computing complexity fully removed from the cost equation, governments have a duty to act in bringing the educational system that has failed so miserably back on track as a competent part of modern society.